Wednesday, September 16, 2009

holy bananas i love shopping...

fun new pants, they come up to the my belly button and are super comfy, they are light enough for summer, but they will rock in the!
i love this dress, it is a little 80's update. it fits perfect and the boobs have pads, so i feel super busty. i am totally rocking this in greece. yay! the picture doesn't really show off how adorable it is.
so i love this little jumper, obviously i won't be wearing that bra, it is just so freaking cute. my ass kinda hangs out a bit, but hey the world isn't perfect.
adorable little skirt, i love the elastic waist band, nice and stretchy. the chiffon is just so floaty and sweet, i feel pretty, oh so pretty and all of that crap.
and ta-da new 35 dollar jacket!!!! how cute right!?!? even the lining makes me happy. i'm sure you will see me rocking this all the time.

this should be my job, i rock at it! spending, trying on, debating sizes, colors, lengths, more spending. i love it!!!!!!! it seriously makes me happier than most things on the planet and screw you if you think that makes me materialistic!!! screw you for not understanding my need to be surrounded by beautiful and interesting pieces of clothing!!! i hate that...why isn't okay for someone to looooove clothes? you don't make fun of someone who collects expensive, rare stamps or whatever other stupid things people collect, so why shouldn't that apply to clothes, the stuff we live in. i was totally reasonable today shopping at the largest forever21 i have ever seen. seriously, it was like target sized! i was overwhelmed, but i made some great purchases and even found a "leather" jacket with a hood that is shockingly good quality for 35 dollars. so since you couldn't be with me at the store, i thought i would give you all a little preview, it would be best if you didn't look directly at my face in these photos as you may very well turn to stone ;) so tell what you think...unless you don't like anything...then just keep it to yourself.

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  1. LOVE the pants and the jacket (and am thrilled to see you found an affordable alternative). can't wait to see pics of you gallavanting through greece in all these clothes.! i'm also digging your modelling poses, but i'm not seeing enough "fierce" here. haven't you been listening to tyra?



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