Thursday, September 10, 2009

i collect hats, like hef collects blondes.

my hats of course are never artificially enhanced. good for hef, he's a rock star. moving on, i just received a fantastic gift from my delightful hippie friend, lydia, she knits like it's her job. she popped this baby out in no time and it is perfect. no telling what urban outfitters would charge for this sucker. i love it. i can't wait for the colder weather to come our way. i am going to live in this hat! i got to pick out the yarn, which is wool and the color. my own custom hat. yay! i love anything that makes me feel mom says i'm special...true story. well, i just love how the hat encompasses so many styles, it's like a parisian hippie punk rock jumble of wonderful.

lydia was making me two and ran out of yarn so she made a baby one...which i naturally had to make hammond wear... hehe

if you want lydia to make you a hat or anything that can be knit, you can send her an email at her prices are crazy good and shipping is is coming up really fast, don't wait too long.


  1. Hammond looks like an old French guy with the hat and the moustache.



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