Saturday, September 12, 2009

if only i was a freakin' millionaire...i'd be more fabulous...

so, i have a dilemma, i want a jacket that i cannot afford, it's by mike & chris and pictured above...but the price is just insane. all i want is a black leather hoodie...not hard. i am willing to pay a proper price for it, but $825 is not acceptable, i have yet to find a decent option under 500 dollars. hmph! WTF! so i have been focusing on fake leather and i found an option at urban for only $128. the jacket is reviewed really well on urban, but it just looks so blah and the mike & chris looks so yummy and soft. so the cheaper jacket is pictured below, based on what i am looking for if you were me would you buy it?


  1. If you're not in love with it, I wouldn't get it. If you love it, then you'll wear it.

  2. i totally found a better option, super cheap, i'll blog about it soon.



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