Thursday, September 17, 2009

j.crew must be out of their damn minds...

so i love j.crew and in the past few years they really have created a beautiful line of sweet and interesting pieces. they have also gone insane!!!! what the duck is up with their prices? we the little people of the world have a hard enough time looking at zac posen, elizabeth & james, dvf, rodarte, and all the other fabulous design houses of the world and not being able to afford them, but to not be able to afford j.crew, preposterous!!!! i hate it and it makes me angry. banana republic and martin & osa make clothes just as well and their prices are reasonable, not ridiculous. we are in an f-ing recession, calm down j.crew. i can't understand how they can do it, i guess i can if you consider that their 900 dollar lace skirt designed by famed french lace-make solstiss sold out rather quickly, i guess the crazies are still out there. sigh. i'm not one of's a t-shirt...a cotton tee with some silk satin rosettes. pretty, right? 45 dollars pretty, ah no. 30 bucks max!!
nice trousers, very cute, very on trend. i love them and would pay 75 bucks for them easy. 118? i just couldn't do it...does that make me cheap? why pay that much for j.crew? you could go up a designer class to spend 118 for a pair of plain black pants.
super cute collared shirt, now this blows my mind, they charge 89.50 for this shirt! 90$$$$ they must be out of their ever lovin' mind!!! i wouldn't pay more than 40 dollars for this shirt. stupid.
sure it's silk, but i can go to banana and buy a nice silk shirt for 70 bucks, so i am not going to spend 89.50 for one from j.crew. ridiculous.
now, i understand that this is a silk dress. i know pleats aren't a simple process, but no where in the description does it say hand pleated? this dress is 395 dollars!?!?! i could go to bcbg, shoshanna, marc by marc jacobs, alice + olivia, and so many more...i wouldn't spend 400 dollars on a j.crew dress, unless i was purchasing for a wedding party...and even still that's pricey.

so in essence, i am saying that for what they charge i could never justify the purchase. it just doesn't make sense to tell me? am i alone in my thought??? has j.crew actually gone insane? or are these prices reasonable?

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  1. I can't agree with you more! I use to have so much jcrew in my closet and now - not so much. Love their stuff but it's crazy expensive! I was looking at crewcuts (kids section) and those prices were laughable! I guess people out there pay those prices. Thanks to the Obamas, I guess they feel they can ask for top dollar.



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