Monday, September 14, 2009

taylor, kanye, and beyonce, oh my!

so how big of a douche bag is kanye west!??! the answer, he's a douche nozzle that's how bad he is, douche pours out of him. now i am not a huge fan of ms. swift and mrs.jay-z, but i felt so bad for little taylor swift especially since she was one of the best dressed ladies of the night, same for beyonce who was just as shocked as tay-tay that kanye jumped on stage during swift's acceptance speech and began to tell the crowd that beyonce should have won...uh, hello awkward. douche. anyways, like i said i am completely shocked that two of my favorite outfits were worn by notorious red carpet don'ts, but in the sea of black and metallic mini's these two stood out. i was also a fan of my twilight babe, kristen stewart rocks! and her nude valentino sparkler was on trend, but enough of a departure that she looked fresh and do you see those shoes, rock and republic with the spikes on the heel, hooooot!!! and alexa chung is just fantastic, she was a little bit grandma and a whole lot of rock n' roll. she is so effortless and i think she looks amazing!!! that was about it...i didn't dislike the rest of the gowns on the carpet, i was just bored...more on those in a minute...

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  1. I didn't even see this post. I was going to comment on your first one about how I thought Taylor and Beyonce were the best dressed and lookie here - you already did it! I agree - boring sea of silver minis.



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