Monday, September 14, 2009

vmas boooooring.

well, i of course was watching the vmas for one reason TWILIGHT, but to be fair it was actually not that bad of a show, i also was fast forwarding through all of the awards, acceptance speeches, awkward moments, and commercials so i watched the two and a half hour debacle in a little over an hour. i loooooved the michael jackson dance bonanza and janet was awesome, while i debate if it was too soon, her dancing the scream dance with jacko was amazing!!!! i enjoyed many of the performances, hello pink's trapeze act rocks my socks, and i fast forwarded through some, taylor swift singing the the subway, and was terrified to tears by others, lady gaga is horrifying, she and tilda swinton should work together. but overall, i wasn't mad at mtv. plus, my new moon trailer was FANTASTIC and i am pretty sure that robert pattinson and kristen stewart are getting marginally better at these appearances every time they do them, by the end of the series they are going to be regular disney kids. ha. kidding.

so the show not so boring, the clothes suuuuper boring except for gaga, who as mentioned before is terrifying. it was just a ton of black, silver, and a whole lot of blah. pink and shakira even showed up wearing the same balmain dress. the vma's is the time for fun, flirty, and a whole lot of crazy, maybe lady gaga used up all of this years were just a few of my me there are a billion more that look pretty much the same...

***just to clarify, with the exception of ms. gaga, these girls look great. i just can't believe how similar and boring they all look...i mean i like the dresses individually it's just none of them seem i making sense? it's so hard to tell...


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