Sunday, October 25, 2009

boots, boots everywhere!!!!

so for all of you who made fun of me! dude, p-cola gets chilly! it was 64 in my house when i woke up this morning. brrrrrr! so these are two of my recent cool weather outfits. i thought i was pretty cute, but then again don't i always ;)

bo was at work so i had to rock the timer. it was hard to get the right angle. i was like 10 minutes late to meet lydia trying to figure the damn thing out! so this is just a pair of target leggings, with a long t from banana, eggplant cardi from martin & osa, and of course the new cynthia vincent boots in their debut performance. they are amazing. 3 people asked me where i got them! i love them!!! it was nice to break them in shopping. (also, can you find hammond?)

so i completely forgot i owned these boots! love! they are the most comfy boots i own! they are matisse and i bought them at soles in atlanta. they were like 100 bucks. love them. the jeans are my skinny gap jeans, shirt is a tunic from banana, same cardi from martin & osa, belt is old navy...i bought it when i was in high school and seriously this is the first time i have ever worn it, i couldn't ever seem to get rid of it, and my hat of course is my lydia made delight.


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