Friday, October 23, 2009

fashionably late for fashion week!!!

fashion week was amazing! mama seriously looked through every single fashion show and i was blown away! i loved just about everything. it makes me want to shop and buy things...then go shop some more. i die. i had so many pictures that i had to group them together. the major trends were sheer fabric and sparkle, sprinkled with a touch of menswear influence and lots of color/pattern. short skirts are still a big deal, good news! i love the new shapes, tulip with a bit of origami influence. i also really want a pair of pleated ankle cropped pants. i totally dig the new sparkle, shimmery iridescent fabric mixed with flat casual fabrics. also, i need to stock up on belts! what do you think of the fashion to come? what trends do you see yourself in? and what will you leave for the supermodels?


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