Thursday, October 08, 2009

mama's back!

hi darlings! i am home and managed a vacation without the slightest bit of a tan!!! success! jet lag has taken a pretty rad toll on my adorable self, but i am getting by. greece was amazing! absolutely stunning, the greeks are gracious and friendly people...the men were absolutely a fan of me. wow, they are persistent and every bit as hairy as you would imagine. the food is amazing, in fact i have been dreaming of greek salads, stuffed vine leaves, saganaki, gyros, and souvlaki. yum! we worked it off by walking ridiculous lengths during the day. santorini is an amazing place and i would recommend it to anyone. good times. so i promised photos, so here are some of my favorite outfits from the trip and some of my favorite views.

so can you tell i had been dry heaving all morning? yeah, not good. but i did look extra skinny, plus gina got to have a little adventure trying to find a pharmacy and some crackers without creme in them. what is it with europeans and their wafer creme filled crackers? the red lipstick made me feel awake.
i look unhappy. i wasn't. i was very happy, i was going to the beach. this is a little number from forever21 which i bought online, it's polyester which is ick, but it is so cute that i forgive it. it's perfect for a beach cover up. and i'm glad i brought the scarf, it was chilly at the beach. below is the same day and i am sitting with a friendly cat.

out to dinner and i look so cute. the skirt is from forever21. the cardi is hollister, the belt is target, the scarf is outlet benetton, and the bag is tj maxx. my mother-in-law bought it for me and it was perfect when i didn't want to carry my huge bag. i love this outfit.
target dress. i look pretty, oh so pretty. i gave this dress to my sister because really the only time i could see myself wearing this is in the greek isles.

all three pics are in oia, where gina and i stayed. we loved it. so beautiful and romantic, gina and i held hands. seriously, we did. the sunset was beautiful. everything was beautiful. below is the black sand beach, more like black rock in kamari...this is supposed to be overdeveloped... ha!

my favorite outfit of the trip. it was too windy in the islands to have pretty hair, so my only good hair day. i looked really hot and trust me all the boys thought so too. i loved this and felt cute and european. love.


  1. Love the wafer creme filled crackers! What happened? Were you sick when you first got there? Looks like you had a wonderful time! Great pics!

  2. Glad you had fun! I can see why all the Greek men like you so much! You looked hot the whole time!



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