Saturday, November 28, 2009

ah, t-shirts. so unappreciated.

here are just a few of my favorite t-shirts. i loooove t-shirts, can you tell? from the top, my canada, eh? shirt which was supposed to be a joke, but i seriously wear this all of the time. my j.crew outlet tee is the perfect length and goes perfectly with my redneck chic ensemble, cutoffs and marc jacobs, genius! my sara bareilles shirt fits soooo well, digging it with the blazer. and finally my super cool no doubt tee and hammond in one of bo's undershirts. he's also a fan of t-shirts. i loooove concert tees and have started a collection, i also have justin and britney.
my favorite tee's are made by bdg, you can get them at urban outfitters 2 for $24. they are super sheer and super low, but they fit perfect and come in tons of amazing colors.

i love embellished t-shirts the top is a printed tee from gap product red, $28. the bottom two are from j.crew both on sale, top $19.99 and bottom $24.99. i also just bought the greatest shirt from j.crew outlet. it has a sequined scotty on it. can't wait to wear it.

i love tee's because they are soooo versatile. you can wear them with jeans, leggings, skirts, dress pants! the options are limitless. i love seeing how celebs dress them up or down. what do you think? do you loooove t-shirts as much as me? would you wear a tee for a night out? or do you prefer to only wear them when sleeping and working out?

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  1. YES! T-shirts (nice ones of course, not grungy 30 year old ones with bullet holes) can be so amazing under a blazer, with a skirt, basically with anything that your lovely pics show. I like your outfits a lot btw. Lately I've been feeling the plain black or white t-shirts worn with skirts, blazers, skinny jeans or w/e and high heels or flats as a go-to look.



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