Monday, November 23, 2009

ama fashion...or lack thereof.

the ama's were on yesterday and the fashion was just as you would expect at a music award show. interesting with a side of super tacky. we fast forwarded through most of the awards. we watched most of the performances and zac brown band present an award, but that was about it. which is probably why it didn't bore us to tears. also, i am really glad taylor swift wasn't present, she annoys the crap out of me...i just want to hit children every time she wins an award.
*i also enlisted the help of my husband, bo, for a male perspective. and some humor.
love this chick, shakira knows how to shake her ass and i love this canary yellow versace frock. sexy and fun. love the geometry. her performance was super good times.
bo's opinion: looks like caution tape. it's alright. her performance looked good, but the camera angles were all jacked.
don't know who designed this, but mary j. looks fabulous!!!! if only her performance was as fierce. i was really bored by it. i miss no more drama mary.
bo's opinion: it's kinda boring, but pretty. it's good though, simple and standard.
i don't know who this little girl is, except she used to date taylor lautner, lucky bitch. i also read that she couldn't pronounce her dress's designer, talbot ruhof. super tacky little girl. but the dress is great, love the shoes. the hair ages her a bit.
bo's opinion: i don't know who that is (exactly bo) she looks like a disco ball.
ah, nicole...nicole. nicole. nicole. what have you done to your beautiful face??? it's almost sad. her lips, that forehead, she is starting to look alien, i hope she chills it with the injectables. all of her face nonsense aside, the dress, balenciaga, is not filling my heart with joy. if possible it kind of makes her look wide. not a good choice kidman.
bo's opinion: it makes her look two feet taller than she actually is. looks familiar on her. it's pretty.
melody thorton of the pussycat dolls, looked hooooot. the dress, the booties, the ponytail. all just sexy and fun. great makeup. good work. this look is perfect for a music award show.
bo's opinion:don't like the lines, it makes her look wide. she's pretty though.
this is the first time in a while i have totally dug something fergie has worn, but i think this is sort of fabulous. i love the studs. i do love studs, i should've been a freaking rockstar. this armani prive is fabulous. she looks great.
bo's opinion:looks hot, appropriate to the event. well done.
gucci. uh, welcome back jenny from the should put on some damn clothes. she is fabulous, but this gucci just seems ridiculous. i don't know why? i just feel like it's trying too hard. much like her performance it fell flat. haha. that's mean.
bo's opinion:don't like the asymmetry. it looks all cut up and shit. the shoes look ridiculous, so i'm guessing they are supposed to be fashionable.
veronica mars looks fabulous!!! what amazing skin this chick has???? bitch. she looks fabulous in her christian cota. heck, she looks better than most of the musicians in attendance.
bo's opinion: it's pretty, she always is. good work sarah marshall.
dear sweet jesus! kelly no!!!!! what are you doing??? sheer black tights, NOOOOO!! this dress makes her look heavier and about 25 years older. noooot good. kelly needs to look to other big girl fashionistas...ugly betty would never look like this hot damn mess. her performance on the other hand was fantastic, her hair pulled back looked much better. this just makes me sad.
bo's opinion: i mean, she should've chosen something to flatter her figure better. she looks wide.
mother of god, what is this? leona and kelly both need a stylist stat! what is this? yuck, yuck. she looks so strange, i mean her proportions are so skewed by this nastiness. ick.
bo's opinion:looks like a futuristic outfit. like what they thought the future would look like in the 80's.
i know carrie is a country girl, but i am soooo over this giant hair of hers. it really takes away from her amazing theia dress and fabu shoes. her performance was okay, but i don't think her new stuff is as captivating as the last two cds. that's just me.
bo's opinion: it's hard for me to say anything bad about her because she always looks good. so she looks good.
love alicia keys!!!! love her!! "neeew york the streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire yooooouuuu" love it!!!! i never like her clothes though, this armani prive is alright, the shoes are super cute and cover up her mad kankles. i am more bothered by the hair and makeup. i like her hair with volume.
bo's opinion: pretty colors, looks like bathroom tiles. i, uh, like it for my bathroom...or a backsplash.
another person i don't know, but was in pictures on every website. demi lovato is another disney kid. i think. i haaaaatttteee this dress. ew. everything blends, her jenny packham dress, her shoes. the only thing that sticks out are her ridiculously dark eyebrows. she should try dying her hair just a tad lighter, this looks harsh and instead of looking like angie or megan fox, she looks like a drag queen.
bo's opinion: yeesh, what the hell is that? (this refers to who she is and what she is wearing)
rihanna is my hero. see this is ridiculous, but it's edgy and out of the box, not scary. she can wear whatever she wants. i love this marchesa! i love her hair and her makeup. the only thing i don't love is the shoes. white pointy heels...ah, doesn't really complete this look for me. they look a bit trampy versus high fashion princess. but i still love her.
bo's opinion:it looks like something off of the runway. so it's looks completely impractical for everyday people.
yikes!!!! so that's a lady gaga and that's an adam lambert. they are both terrifying. seriously what crazy juice are these kids drinking from??? at least she is talented. his performance was ridiculous and disgusting. ew. i feel dirty just blogging about them.
bo's opinion: (shakes head) ...that's all...
i just had to throw in a pic of the fellas! they are such rockstars!! they all look great! they look cohesive without looking like n'sync back in the day with matching puffer jackets or beige turtle necks. look it up it's hilarious. i totally dig zac's vest. fabulous.


  1. Hahaha...Iloved reading this post :) I can't say that I was too inpresed with the looks but most were very pretty!

    Great post!


  2. Not digging the knock on N'Sync!

  3. thanks marta! i love writing fashion reviews!! i can't wait for red carpet season! hurry up january!!

    hahaha, kathryn!!! i'm so sorry, how foolish of me!?! next time i will definitely go after the backstreet boys and their matching tan leather jackets. or top hats. ;)

  4. hahaha, this post was hillarious, I loved your husband's take on these outfits. My personal fav was Fergie, even though I am usually not a big fan of her style, I thought she looked super cool!

  5. thanks so much marz. i totally agree, fergie looked amazing. checked out your blog and loved your post on elie saab. totally one of my faves!!!

    please come back and read ;)



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