Wednesday, November 04, 2009

go on with your bad self...

i love kristen stewart. sue me. i find her interesting and smart. plus, i really appreciate a chick out there in the world who could give a crap about being "famous," but rather just want to make movies. so she may smoke pot from time to time...guess what? so does your favorite friend jennifer aniston, but because she looks sweet and does cute interviews it's okay...blah.

i love this outfit that k.stewart recently donned at a new moon press ordeal. i think it's feisty and badass with a touch of super trendy chic. i love everything from the suspenders down to the shoes, so what her hair is a bit greasy!?!? that just emphasizes the rockstar attitude. those who know her, wouldn't holly ann totally rock the socks out of this outfit? she totally would. i think an outfit like this takes guts, as all of the best outfits do. think about nicole kidman in her galliano for dior chartreuse masterpiece or charlize theron in her bowed dior stunner. it takes balls to become a style icon. excuse my dirty mouth.


  1. I do understand the appeal and she is cute, but some of her interviews that I did read/hear she seems to be a bit whiny and rude. She is a cute girl and I think that her stylish is fabulous :) Her red carpet looks are always flawless :)

    Love the fact that you so freely speak your mind, not many bloggers do :)
    P.S. Added you to my favorites :P

  2. thanks so much marta!

    i agree she does get a bit whiney, but i think she is extremely awkward in interviews, which adds to her ungrateful image. but seriously, if fame is too much for her i will absolutely take her career/wardrobe!

  3. right? i really want that shirt, but can't figure out to save my life who makes it!!!



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