Wednesday, November 25, 2009

greatest suit ever.

are you tired of twilight yet? well, tough because these kids know their fashion or at least they pay someone to know it for them, but either way they look great. ashley greene has had some iffy fashion moments with me, but this hits it out of the park. this has such a rocker vibe, kinda 60's, kinda 70's...i can't exactly place it. then with the rolled cuffs and cutesy black sandals. i freaking love this. i love the mixture of stripes. in hindsight, i wonder if she realizes that stripes on tv. not a good combo. but i'm guess with her movie making nearly 270 million dollars worldwide in less than a week, she could give a crap. love it.

*oh, and i also should thank ashley greene because if she wasn't so hot, bo probably wouldn't have been as willing to see new moon with me on monday. yes, that's twice for me. he looooves her. he even bought me a maxim with her on the cover...thanks hubby...


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