Saturday, November 21, 2009

hate the haters. new moon rules.

so i saw new moon at midnight on thursday evening. and it was an adventure. lindsay and i had a delightful evening. figo pasta for dinner. i was going to have mushroom ravioli, but opted not to be that big of a nerd. if you understand why that makes me a nerd then you are also a giant freaking nerd. we got to the theatre around 9:30 and after taking innapropriate pictures with the posters outside we decided to try our hand at waiting inside, it was damn cold. well, to our surprise we could already be seated. so we sat down, it just so happened to be in club luna nueva. it was hilarious. we seriously cracking up. the quote of the night was by a giant latino gentlemen, who stated, "new moon will make people do some crazy shit!" we were dying! they actually moved seats before the movie started. well, it got a lot less interesting and much quieter. we also saw a ton of uuuugly homemade t-shirts, stating team jacob/edward, or our favorites "team jailbait" ew, gross. the hallways were cramped with lunatic soccor moms. seriously, like 45 years old running around screaming, "who's team edward?!?!" then "who's team jacob?!?" i wanted to scream, "who's a buckhead betty still buzzed from your two o'clock martini-fest!?!?"

isn't my outfit soooo cute? gap skinny jeans, matisse boots, homemade twilight tee...shut it, j.crew cardigan, and my forever 21 hoodie...that i get so many compliments on, it cost 30 dollars, awesome. that's my new hair cut/color too. i loooove it. hodge is a genius.

okay, so it's review time. the trailers started and the audience went wild and to my excitement rarely annoyed again with the exception of the child like giggles that erupted everytime anyone was shirtless. so, what can i say? other than i was a huge fan. i thought it did the books proud and even managed to make it a tad less cheesey. new moon is my favorite of the series and i don't feel like anything too important was left out. the story, of course, follows bella after her vampire love edward leaves her. she is helped out of her vampire coma by her good friend jacob black who happens to be a werewolf. ah, the drama of teenage love. well, of course it get's very exciting when edward thinks bella is dead and decides to off himself. i don't want to give away too much, but really, who doesn't know the story?

the biggest complaint from major film critics was the film's overall downtrodden energy, which i thought was perfect. the whole book is a big depress-fest. i thought that kristen did a beautiful job of showing her loss without being a crybaby, which is true to the story. a few critics also claimed that it lacked the inspiration of the first film...i dissagree, in fact, i think that many things were improved in this film. i thought that this movie was a much closer representation of the book. there were some things that i wish were in the movie, but i didn't feel like anything was lost, whereas in the twilight, i feel like a ton of scenes were left out that really needed to in the film. i thought that the actors did a much better job, seriously, kristen and rob really uped their game and taylor lautner really shocked me. he's going to be a great pain in the ass in eclipse. i loved all the action added in by the filmmakers. plus, i thought in the midst of all the saddness, it was really funny. and dear lord, the special effects were a trillion times better!!!! thank you chris wietz! even the most tight assed critic would have to agree with me about that. i also thought the casting was superb, the volutri, were amazing!! omg, martin sheen as aro was crazy creepy and just soooo good. and dakota fanning was fabulous, she is great at being bad good for her, i mean, her face when bella is immune to her power was priceless. love it.

my biggest complaint was with the music. it sucked. the score was soooo cheesy and really bothered me. the score in the first film was far more interesting, creepy and solemn. i felt like the score almost gave away what was going to happen next. i also thought that the loooong upclose shots were a bit much. i mean, i like looking at jacob's 45 pack just as much as the next girl, but it was like enough already...the only omitted scene i really wish was in the film was when alice talks to charlie while bella is supposed to be "sleeping" but i really don't feel let down. i expected the cheesy dialogue and the childish story...but isn't that kind of the appeal? i mean we like it because it makes us feel like sex crazed teenagers again?

i thought in the end i think that if you are a fan, you will still be a fan. i think if you are a normal human being and not a movie snob and you have a vagina you are probably going to like it. if you are a normal human being and not a movie snob and have a penis you may like it. otherwise, if you are an alien and a movie snob you are probably not going to be a fan...

so what did you think? love it? hate it? anything you are pissed wasn't included? tell me all of your thoughts. just don't be unnecessarily mean. i will delete you.


  1. i'll be seeing it next week i hope! i love your outfit and LOVE LOVE LOVE your hair :) wish i saw you this week!

  2. i just watched twilight 1 this week, and then new moon today, and i totally understand what the hype is about now :D i feel sorry for myself for not jumping on the bandwagon sooner...
    And you're so right, it totally made me feel like a sex crazed teenager again, and i'm a 22 year old married "lady" ;) love it!!

  3. Hi i just realized, after reading your blog that you're married too! so glad i'm not the only married chick who squeals like a tween when edward and bella kiss (you do squeal, right? please say you do :D )
    ok, i'll go now :)

  4. oh, i squeal. i try to do it in private, but sometimes i just can't help it. thanks for stopping by! i love talking to fellow fans because it really is just fun and it really does make you feel young! oh, and if you are old...that make me a senior citizen :)

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