Tuesday, November 10, 2009

i am fabulous...with a side of ranting.

remember when dakota fanning was just a cute little girl opposite sean penn in i am sam? anyone else feeling ridiculously old right now? oi, this chick is so smoking hot. on top of just being a stellar child turned teen actress, she seems so level-headed and together, which among hollywood youth is a crazy hard thing to do. this cutie is gracing the dec/jan issue of teen vogue and doing it with all kinds of crazy style. this spread was styled perfectly, every outfit is chic and wearable! fanning discusses her new super creepy role, jane, in the twilight saga and badass rocker chick, cherie currie, in the upcoming runaways. if you wanna read more you can check it out here.

sidenote: with that said, i have huge problem with these magazines that are supposedly selling to teens? vera wang? marc jacobs? dude, in my grown up fantasies i can barely afford labels, what is this teaching kids? now, i was reading instyle and vogue when i was in middle school and maybe that just makes me superior to most kids because i didn't expect to own the things i was reading about, but who am i kidding? most kids do!!! i remember trying to get my mom to buy me exorbitantly priced labels like abercrombie & fitch, i mean i would beg for a pair of 60 dollar jeans! now you see kids walking around in citizens and true religion. my mom would have slapped me sideways. she still gives me crazy looks when i tell her how much i spend on clothing and accessories, but by most fashion magazines standards what i spend on clothes is "budget spending"!!!! i mean it is nearly impossible to look at an outfit in a magazine and be able to afford more than two of the pieces. so what do you think? have fashion magazines, teen or not, gotten out of hand? are we teaching kids to love fashion or to be label whores?


  1. holy hell I had no clue that was Dakota Fanning til I started reading.

  2. right? she looks amazing, i had to remind bo and his pervy friends that she was only 15 years old. haha!



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