Monday, November 16, 2009

the moon rules #1...

i am just in the best mood, you know it. 3 freaking days and just a handful of hours until i am in my own personal, self indulgent heaven. i, of course, will be blogging my thoughts of the film because well...i want to. good enough. so the twilight folks are stinking everywhere and i wanted to just show off some of my favorite outfits during their promotional excursions. they are mostly of my girl crush kristen, but the rest of the well dressed cast makes appearances as well.
all three hotties at an entertainment weekly photo shoot. love kstew's glitzy black gown with the sporty "safari" jacket, i don't really know what to call it, but i'm in love. the all just look very hip and fresh.
at yet another premiere. she's wearing proenza schouler, say what you will, i think it's hot. funky, young, and chic. i love the colors and it's nice seeing her in color.
dear lord, she's smiling in so many of these photos that i'm seriously shocked. once again, love this little balenciaga number, i seriously want those shoes. the sheer fabric is tres bon.
doing press for the film, i am in love with this dress. and i love this picture she looks so young and innocent...we know the truth.
so cute, both of them, i just dig her outfit. i'm a little iffy on the shoes, but i love the all of the black in various textures, very visually dynamic...(that's a movie quote from twilight) eye roll...taylor looks relaxed in casual, love the grey jacket. the shoes are a bit ick, but he gets better.
ah, the love birds. what? they are totally doing it! both are in d&g jackets, her dress is kova, and her shoes are mr. choo. i love his style, it's just so grungy chic. and she's such a rock star. i really hope they're doing it.
at the same event in la, taylor lautner sexed it up, also in d&g. what a dreamboat? i love love love the velvet hot. omg, i want this dress!!!!! oh, elizabeth and james...i freaking love the olsen twins. this dress is perfection! i am seriously lusting. the best part of her ensemble is the burgundy platform pumps!! i die. if it was possible to make this dress even hotter, the shoes did it. now i really like elizabeth reaser aka esme cullen and i am totally digging her dress, the shoes, however, look like they are orthopedic for her clubbed foot. i'm choosing to overlook that, cause from the ankles up, i would totally hit that...
how freaking adorable is kellan lutz. love him. love his shirt. love his jacket. love. love. love.
isn't she sweet. i think that's why i am so enamored with kstew's style. she goes from edgy rocker to sweet and ethereal in a heartbeat. both seem natural for her. this j.mendel is sweet and soft and delightful for the paris premiere. i'm a fan of the sergio rossi pumps.
oh look it's my next husband. looking super hot in paris. i really like him in these grey nubby jacket, is it tweed? i can't tell. what a hot shot.
aren't those boots dangerous? i'm 99.9% positive that they are christian louboutin. the jacket with the dress is a bit strange, but girlie is smoking hot. and kellan just looks manly and on trend. can't ask for more.
they sooooo love each other. well, at least that is what i will keep telling myself. love this gucci dress. she really understands her body and somehow never looks skanky in these short tight minis. it's probably her boyish shape...if i wore all of these dresses with my rear end, i'd look like a hooker.

hope you dig it? do you? don't you? tell me? you know i thrive on comments, it makes me feel special. disagree with me, it's soooo much fun!!!


  1. have you seen the pics from the harper's bazaar shoot?

  2. yes tricia they are amazing. i have the magazine at home. i haven't read the article yet.

    and yes amanda, twilight boys are really hot.



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