Monday, November 16, 2009

new moon mania continues...

so my dear friends, i am taking a mini-vacay to atlanta this week and i wanted to leave you with a few blogs worthy of this momentous week, NEW MOON BITCHES!!!!!! it's here, finally, all our favorite new moon cast at the la premiere. my excitement can barely be contained, yay!!!
do you see why i love kristen stewart? we have oscar de la renta to thank for this amazing gown. i just adore the softness. it's sweet, but not boring, it's far from boring! the hair and makeup are just perfect. for the love of all that is holy, could robert pattinson be any better looking? i think i may actually love him ;) okay, well no. but boy he knows how to wear a suit. i'm very happy. rob is doing what he does best in a gucci suit.
dakota fanning is such a grown up! i absolutely adore this dress and her pair of satin burgundy pumps. i am a sucker for black cut out gowns with nude underlays. she really is just coming into her own. i hope she stays normal.
um, so yeah, this isn't great, in fact this might actually be bad. uh, ashley greene has a thing for this pageant debutant texas's not good. the dress is pretty and stunning from the back, but combined with the hair she looks like a dynasty extra.
elizabeth reaser has completely made up for those god awful shoes from my last post. she just looks hot. herve leger's bandage dress isn't exactly ground breaking, but i love the white gown with the burgundy pumps. again. this really must be a new thing. i love it.
this is a tough one, i love this dress on nikki reed and i think everything about the styling is great. it just doesn't really seem appropriate for the occasion. the shoes are killer hot and i really do like the just feels more cocktail party than major premiere...i mean ashley and kristen are in gowns. it's not so much the length...just the style...does that make sense? i'm tired, that's all you are getting.
so anna kendrick is going to be a superstar. just letting you know. this girl is crazy talented... she may want to invest in a stylist...something about this isn't working. the shoes...the bag...the drop earrings...i don't know, it's just not adding up for me, i mean the dress is fun, but just not styled well. but i can't stress enough that i LOVE this girl.
another human, christine serrano, uh...well...uh...yuck. it's definitely the lips, what is that color?next is the booties, they are far too area 51 for her disco ball dress which could be sexy with a pair of metallic strappy heels. wow. wow. wow. wow. i bet he's great in bed...holy bananas did i say that out loud!?!?! :) hehe. thanks mr. armani for making such a dead sexy suit.
i love this picture edi and kellan are both so freaking cute. loooove edi's suit. only he could pull that off.
this kid is smoking hot. i love that taylor decided to wear a navy calvin klein , it suits him well. yummo.
uh, well maybe it's the hair. i like the purple striped shirt...maybe it's the vest...i mean peter facinelli is a handsome guy, but i am just going to give this an alright. it's not bad. jennie garth's hair is bad.
ah, jackson rathbone. he's such a stud, i love the texture on the suit and the piping on the lapel... if only i could work on those side burns. hmm. he's a musician so we will let it slide. but just this once.
so newcomer charles bewley is super cute, but appears to be wearing his vampire costume and way too much eye makeup. some one should tell him he's not really a vampire.


  1. Kristen's De la Renta is stunning but it's just doesn't seem to be hear. I love the edgier look the carries of! My favorite's were Rob, Dakota.

  2. i agree marta, the sweet look is a bit out of her comfort zone, but i give her props for trying all kinds of styles. i loved dakota's outfit, the shoes were AMAZING! and rob could wear a paper bag and be fiiiine.



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