Thursday, November 05, 2009

project about project boring?

what is it with this show? did the lifetime network actually kill project runway? what happened to the innovation? where are all the crazy challenges? i feel so let down. the designers are terrible, okay not terrible, but compared to seasons past i feel like we are watching students. hell, i know fashion students that could do a better job.

heidi klum and tim gunn are the only reason i didn't fall asleep in the most recent episode! how is tim gunn, the most wonderful person in the world, letting all of this awfulness happen?? it just makes me sad because i feel that as a skill based reality show progresses the talent pool should get more talented and it just feels like this bunch is squandering their opportunity. i feel like we are missing our visionaries like christian siriano, daniel vosovic, or jeffery sebelia, no one stands out. i want to root for someone, but really i just kinda wish logan would come back so we would have something pretty to look at, yummy. i hope that the final bunch can get it together and redeem this mediocre season.

so tell me, am i crazy or has this season been pretty awful?


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