Wednesday, November 11, 2009

who doesn't love a ball? yes...a real ball...

how cute is my husband? we weren't sure what to do with our hands...
classic photo for the scrapbook.
check out hot stuff bakkar, yes, i had a lot to do with the outfit because if she and her husband had anything to say about it, she would have been wearing an outfit from rei! you think i'm joking. sigh, sadly no.
the marine corps birthday ball is a chance for marines to get together and drink and for the wives to dress up and drive their asses home. i wasn't really excited about this because i'm a princess and frankly, i'm terrified of military wives. well, balls don't typically work out for disney princesses, so i guess i shouldn't have been surprised that in the middle of the ball festivities the fire alarm went off...yeah, that's me with the firefighters.

so the military, well really the bitchy military wives, have all of these crazy, unwritten rules on how wives should act and yes, even how we dress. well, you know me and, of course, my response to that is f you. so while most of the wives were clad in the most horrifying jumble of bad prom nonsense, i decided to wear a cocktail dress, scandalous sigh, by an unknown label i bought from a small boutique in atlanta, soles. i rocked my turquoise patent jimmy choo's for only the 3rd time ever and let me just tell you my arches were so sore, i had to walk on my tip toes for the next two days. it was serious. i wore my red jasper bracelet from egypt and that was the extent of my outfit. i spent an hour pin curling my didn't work out exactly as i had planned, but i think i did pretty stinking good.

it was an eventful night and i love any excuse to put on a surplus of makeup and wear high heels, but next year, dammit, i am wearing an oscar worthy gown. for shiz. try and stop me.

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  1. LOVE. YOUR. OUTFIT. You look so elegant. Except for in the pic with Bo where it looks like you're saying "what up bitches?!!"



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