Thursday, December 24, 2009

happy freaking holidays...

so i am totally a scrooge this year. blah. but i do love my family, even more, i love the ladies in my family. my mom, sister, and neice are three of the coolest people i have ever met and despite my holiday nasty i love these ladies. here are some photos of my super fabulous family.
this is my favorite picture ever!!!! my aldo shoes and the tree and little miss kylie in the background. i love this. i am so getting this blown up and putting it somewhere in my house. love.
i think my scooge-ness is displayed perfectly in this photo. i'm super hot, while looking like i want to punch santa in the wiener.
lanza family tradition, no seriously, we really like booty in our fam.
how hot is my kid sister? can you believe she has a child? her ass is fabulous, it's a thing a rap legend.
now seriously, how hot is my mom? she is totally rocking her boots. i dig it.
shan and kylie being cute, it's also one of the rare photos where kylie actually looks at the camera.
hurricane kylie. she is adorable. and her skirt is awesome. i would wear it. right now.
sandy and kylieboo being super cute. i really like this picture of my ma.
me and my hot sister. i'm rocking a simply vera tunic, forever32 liquid leggings, and aldo heels.

my model poses. so now we all know why i'm not a model :)
costume change. well, let's just say it's hard to walk on my parents super polished hardwood in the 4 inch heels, so i switched to my trusty yellow box leopard flats.

i hope everyone has a fabulous holidays!!! merry christmas-hanukkah-kwanza-festivus!


  1. Hot Christmas outfit. Beats my PJs any day :P
    Love the family ass-grab shot, that's true love!

  2. SO cute...
    Happy Holidays!!!


  3. Are they really forever32 leggings? Either way it makes me laugh. I do love your outfit. You all are hot. Merry effing christmas!



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