Wednesday, December 16, 2009

hmm, very interesting...

so if you know me, you know that i friggin love diets. not really going on them, but i am fascinated by nutrition and how the body works. i have read sooooo many contradicting things, but in general i just feel that if you are kind to your body and do naughty things only in moderation you should be good to go. i have for a very long time been interested in leading a vegetarian lifestyle, i gave up red meat nearly 6 years ago and haven't looked back. i have also recently had to take a break from dairy and as much as i love it, i really do feel lighter when i don't eat it. i am loving cher horowitz's aka alicia silverstone's new book, the kind diet. silverstone went vegan in the late 90's and has never looked or felt better. it's written for people like me who need help knowing what they are getting into going meatless, she really tries to educate from a medical, spiritual, and environmental standpoint. she also seems to understand that not everyone can uphold this lifestyle because this type of eating goes beyond a simple diet plan. also, i still get grief from my italian family about not eating red meat, so i love that she makes a point of saying that this is something you do for yourself, so you feel healthy. we will see.

the book has brought up some really interesting conversations between myself and my very carnivorous husband and i am only on the 22nd page. i will keep you posted, but for tonight i am going to go grill some chicken ;)

*check out alicia silverstone's website here. it's full of great information and a wonderful group of people.


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