Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it's fun to be the the most stylish person in an entire city...

so bo and i took a quick trip to asheville, nc to see the biltmore and what we found was the cutest little city full of great restaurants, awesome art galleries, and a whole bunch of tacky hippies. yikesola! these folks were crazy. i'm all for being comfortable, but it was a peasant skirt, patagonia nightmare. i should've taken pictures, but i didn't. i still wanted to feel cute despite all of the tack. and so cute i was. it was freaking cold, so i got to bundle up and it was a great excuse to layer. plus, i finally got to wear my purple tights!!!! yay!!!
aren't we precious? yeah. my teeth look so white and straight. love my orthodontist. actually, he was really creepy...he looked like mr. burns from the simpson's and always smushed my nose with his monster huge hands.
that's me, it's freezing outside, bo seemed to think it was funny.
i was dancing...then i was frolicking. this was the day we explored the gardens. it was amazing, straight out of a jane austen novel in north carolina. so odd. loved. it. i felt like such a rockstar this day. this outfit was sooooo comfy.
i switched up my rockstar outfit and added black leggings and my black slouchy boots.
it's snowing!!!! yay!!!! it didn't last and was oddly one of the warmer days. i felt sooo cute, those purple tights are AH-mazing. i love them.
on our last day, i had some fun with liquid eyeliner and my favorite mac russian red lipstick. i busted out the new cynthia vincent boots, only because it wasn't supposed to rain, it didn't. whew. safe.


  1. Really cute pictures! I love your rocker look, its great. And that red lipstick is so nice in the last picture. I love red lipstick in the daytime, its rare to see it nowadays, but when you do, its really chic.

  2. Lol! How big was your suitcase to fit in 3 pairs of boots! Looks like you guys had a great time.

  3. it was serious kathryn!!! thank god we drove there or i would've had to only pick one!!!!

    thanks marz! i love red lipstick!!! it still shocks me a bit when I wear it, but it sure is a statement. i love the looks i get...good and bad ;)



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