Wednesday, December 30, 2009

mrs. potato head and skinny jeans.

for my neice kylie's birthday my sister told me that i had to buy her skinny jeans. so i was like, "okay!" they are the cutest thing ever, she looks like a little rock star groupie! it's so funny! the butt pockets have bows on them, adorable! plus, all of the little grommets are little pink rhinestones. on this particular day, kylie was playing mrs. potato head and even though you can't tell she kept putting all three purses on her arm! it was cracking me up, a girl after my own heart. and the best part was every now and again she would take cell phone brake! kids are terrifying, but every once and awhile they can be soooo much fun.

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  1. So cute... :) that is awesome, skinny jeans for kiddies!

    With Love...



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