Monday, December 28, 2009

nothing says fashion like kelly clarkson and hockey...

now, i know what you are thinking...kelly clarkson and hockey have very little to do with fashion...well, you would be right, but i made sure to look super cute watching both.

kelly clarkson is a true artist. if you have never heard her sing live, i suggest you do because she is incredibly gifted. her voice is transcendent, it's so soulful and strong. plus, she sings the most amazing music, stuff that a recording label would never let her record, bastards. she really is wonderful. she does have some pretty terrible style. i wish she would let me help ;) she visited pensacola earlier this month and really gave a great show. i decided to dress boldly. i choose my favorite forever21 liquid leggings, a shiny matty m tunic, my super uncomfortable forever21 wingtips, and my banana republic necklace. to keep warm, on a surprisingly brisk evening, i added my fave j.crew cardi and forever21 "leather" hoodie.
back home for christmas, we talked my parents into taking us to an atlanta thrashers game! yay hockey!!! i decided i wanted to be cute for all of my boys, who suck by the way. they lost 5-4. i was sooooo angry, but at least there were some good fights. i went for my fave cheapo thick tights, my kensie tunic, my old navy cardi, my forever21 bomber hoodie, and my kelly & katie boots. my headband is the cutest little sparkly bow, it's by goodies, i got it for 5 dollars at target. i really looked cute and it matched my thrashers scarf, not pictured. i really wish i had some over the knee boots to wear, but i just haven't found any that i loooove, well any that i can afford :)

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  1. you look fabulous! but why am i telling already know! hope you are enjoying sunny florida!



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