Sunday, December 13, 2009

who looked cuter than you this week...

mandy moore looking stinking hot in escada! maybe it's because i have a monster huge ass, but i love this silhouette. she looks great. i really prefer her with dark hair. fabulous.
ah, kate bosworth looking super skinny and super hot. i love this sonia rykiel number. the bow is so stinking cute. love, love, love this!!!! the shoes with the straps and the bows. fabu!!!
this is a jessica stroup, part of the oh-so terrible 90210 cast, but this girl is looking fabulous. i love this ensemble. so sparkly yet basic.

man i love this chick. keira knightley could walk around in a brown paper bag and she would still look like a super model. doesn't she just make you want to buy some chanel? even in a shearling coat and a beanie she looks fresh and sassy.


  1. LOL, you have a great sense of humor. I love reading your posts. My favourite look has to be Kate Bosworth. That dress is fabulous.

  2. thanks so much marz!! just wait for red carpet season, my sarcasm reaches another level ;) i am so excited that you are reading. i love checking out your blog as well!!!



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