Wednesday, January 06, 2010

and so it begins...

award season is upon us!!!! and i had the best time watching the people's choice awards last night...not really the awards, but texting with my super fabulous buddy about what everyone was wearing and who looked great and more fun...who looked bad. so, the pca are not a suuuper glam event, but some folks really uped their game, while some...well...some looked like a hot damn mess. let's begin.
so my best dressed for the evening...hands down, the finest woman in the entire world, diane kruger. dear god she's hot! she is rocking this herve leger like it's her job. everything about this look is perfection. the gown fits beautifully. the hair and makeup are just done enough. love. love. love.
..........sigh........oh, i'm sorry i was distracted by all of the hot. he is just the cutest kid. he looks fantastic and seems so nice.
ah, i die. ginnifer goodwin is amazing. is this not heaven? seriously, she cut her hair and got rid of super dork chris klein and now she is a fox!!!! she has the most amazing red carpet style... i wonder if she styles herself?
how cute is this kid? i love twilight people! all of them, seriously. kellan lutz always looks put together and always spices up the traditional suit. love the blue.
i think olivia wilde is just perfect. this is sweet without looking matronly. she has the most beautiful features, her eyes are unreal. i think this is adorable.
this is a fierce outfit. i am in love. this antonio berardi dress is ah-mazing. i love the shoes!!! i die. i would totally wear this outfit...right now!!!! you know i'm not joking. that brings me to some sad news, jessica alba is a hard core bitch. i have it on good authority that she is terrible to work with. isn't that a shame? so now, she can't act and she isn't a nice she really is just a pretty face. disappointing. i still want this outfit.
so this is dania ramirez, she was calypso in x-men. don't know why she is here, but she looks great. seriously, she kicks some of the a-lister's butts. the earrings are a bit 80's, but overall i ain't mad at her.
taraji p. henson is delightful. i hope she is as nice in person because she seems like a doll. and this alberta ferretti is so glamourous. the color on her skin is fabulous.
this bitch is hooooot, even if her eyes always look wonky. i love everything about this ensemble. the nude pumps, the dress, the pulled back hair, the smokey wonky eyes.
i liked mary j. blige's performance dress, but to me, this is not flattering. the shoulder thing is so heavy looking and seems to throw off the balance. and lindsay, my viewing buddy, pointed out that her toes are all jacked in her shoes and i just can't get passed it. but the shoes are the best part of the outfit. i don't like the hair either.
ugh, taylor swift, oh how you annoy me...but i have to hand it to her, this is a cute little outfit. i really prefer her hair up, even if she wears it the same way every single time. cute shoes, amazing earrings...she still can't sing or perform live...generally not good for her line of work
yay, nicole, the aliens sent you back from the mother-ship!!! it's a shame they effed up your face. i actually really liked her outfit sans gloves. she looked tall and sexy. very simple. i wish 90's kidman would come back. miss her.
what in the world? this is sad!!! someone needs to tell alyson hannigan that she is very famous now and that people are out there to help her look good at award shows and whatnot. i love this chick, seriously, she is one of my favorite people in genuine, so funny...but this dress is terrible! it looks like an evil bridesmaids dress and the shoes are okay, but more suited for a day dress.
first off, why is kelly rutherford still invited to these things? second, someone should tell her that her boobies are showing because she couldn't seriously have worn it like this on purpose. did she even have this jenny packham tailored to her...honestly, even if the gown fit it would still be a hot mess.
ah! yikesola! the pussy cat doll's nicole shcheiw(*(%^#@$!!! or whatever, decided to go a bit glitzy. she ended up looking like, in lindsay's words "a fugly penny." ahahaha. right?! this is so tacktacular. this whole thing reminds me of my junior prom, so juvenile. so not good.
carrie underwood is a big star with big hair and on this particular evening, she has a big hot mess of a dress. there are people that this christian cota may have worked on, but mrs. oklahoma here is not one of them. what is it with this chick and big ass hair? just not right.
is it me or does lea michelle look pissed off? i'm scared. i love glee so much!! it is the most entertaining show, for serious, watch it if you don't. i think this look is nice. nothing super special, but she looks great. cute outfit.
no idea who this is. but she looks a serious mess. actually, i like all of the pieces separately. the alexander wang runway braid and barely there makeup are amazing. the talbot runhof dress is spectacular(would look great on kristen stewart). the shiny pumps are also wonderful. put it all together and what do you get. too much! this girl also has some seriously way too skinny legs. you know i like skinny, but chicken legs are not becoming.
oooooohhhhh saaaaandddy, think grease. sandy bullock is hilarious and hot, but this outfit is...dear sweet jesus bad. this vivienne westwood is all kinds of icky. the color is disgusting and paired with her nude shoes, it's just terrifying. not to mention, the hemline is atrocious and the little brown clutch makes me want to puke in my mouth. uh.

so, what do you think? agree? disagree? is there someone i left off? let me know!!!

thanks popsugar for your photos! stay tuned for more award show fun! the golden globes are up next!! january 17th! can't wait!!!


  1. I think that chic that you can't identify is Katie Cassidy on Melrose Place. Yes, I watch that trash.

  2. haha, that's okay. we all have our guilty pleasures. and she does look a lot like david cassidy. go figure.

  3. Love your choices, Diane Kruger is such a knock out... love her!

    With Love...



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