Saturday, January 16, 2010

the critic's choice...huh?

so, i had no idea that the critic's choice awards came on last night...for one, who really cares about ass faced critics and two, i had a migraine the size of texas...but alas, i should have known for where fashion is there i shall also be. whatever. there really wasn't much fashion going on at this event, but for the few ladies that brought it...they really brought it.

diane kruger can do no wrong. she is the epitome of effortlessness. even in a gown as simple as this donna karan she looks flawless. this dress on a less fabulous lady could read very boring, but somehow she makes it better...

bonjour marion, c'est magnifique! this dior gown is amazing! i'm in love. i love the sparkles leading up to her lady business. the lingerie inspired corset. the two necklaces. tres, tres bon.

newcomer saoirse ronan is gonna be a little fashionista when she's all growns up. she is really rocking this whole look. the messy hair, smokey eye, sassy dress. it's all delightful that we will let the terrible monstrosity that are her copper ankle boots slide. but just this once.

yay, my girl crush. emily blunt is hot for sure and this look just oozes sex and sophistication. this dress could very easily slip into tacky disco ball territory, but on blunt it stays firmly planted in fashion bliss. love the shoes.

zoe saldana has really taken hollywood by storm this past year and she did it while looking super fabulous. girl can dress. she really understands how to dress her stick figure of a body. i love this dress on her. the skirt gives her boyish figure a wonderful shape, the length is great. the turquoise earrings are the perfect finishing touch. nice work mrs. spock.

yay, anna kendrick! it's no secret how much i love this girl, but i'm not so in love with this dress. i mean, she looks fantastic, but this elie saab leaves me slightly underwhelmed. she's new at this, she'll get better.

how cute is this chick? this is carey mulligan and if you haven't heard of the film an education, you should see it...i would, but i live in hell where decent movies run away screaming. the necklace saves this outfit for me, i mean it's a cute dress, she's a a cute girl, but the necklace gives it a bit of an oomph. i can't wait to see her in color.

oh dear. i am such a huge fan of kristen chenoweth...i am not a huge fan of this boobtacular tony ward gown. it's just too much...too much tata, leg, and glitz... it's looks like she should be hiding out at a "retreat hotel" recovering from her recent face lift. this is just icky. i need to shower.

why is heather graham even here? the hangover? really? you put a c-list star in a major movie and she gets to go to the awards! suck! well, i personally think she is crazy, but at least she put a bra on this time. the dress itself isn't bad, i mean, it's nice...boring, but nice. she really is crazy. look at that first picture, that's a hot damn mess if i ever saw one.

oh my lord no, not veronica mars! what in god's green christ is this?!?? are you late for your sister's wedding? funeral? this is just terrible! it's like she didn't even try! kristen bell is generally a bubbly and well dressed young lady, but this is boring and depressing! she didn't even put on fun jewelry or shoes! and the length is abhorred. i want to hit babies. yuck.

yay, it's precious. gabby sidibe is such a delightful young lady and i always feel happy inside when i watch her being interviewed. unfortunatly, i have nothing happy to say about this dress. gabby is a big girl, true, but does that mean she has to dress like a grandma? i should think not. she was recently photographed for harper's bazaar wearing tommy hilfiger and looking hot! so it's possible to dress up and not look 80. next time.

oh, sandy. this alberta ferretti is okay. personally, i think that it makes super fit sandra bullock look a little wide on top of that it is boring and with all the designers throwing clothes at her it's a shame that this is what she would choose. it's just alright, i mean, she won...she should've looked better.

eh, julianne moore bugs me. no idea why, but she does. this look is okay and i like her in red, but something about the fit really seems off. much like my dislike for her, i'm not sure why i'm not feeling this...possibly because it's ugly. the shoes are nice. kinda.

so that's the critic's choice awards in a nutshell...what do you think? who was your best/worst dressed? do you agree with me? disagree? let me know.


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