Sunday, January 10, 2010

glocally speaking...

so, i live in the middle of nowhere, this is nothing new, but we aren't known for getting many less than gigantic films and if we do they only stay in the theatre for two seconds, it's ridiculous. my list of must see films keeps getting longer and longer, but thankfully up in the air was still playing and can now be crossed off that list.

this film was perfect. i loved everything about it. the three main characters were wonderfully acted by clooney, vera farmiga, and anna kendrick. the movie was funny, offbeat and full of amazing moments. the story revolves around ryan bingham(clooney) and his quest to be the 7th person to acquire 10 million skymiles. he has the deeply depressing job of being hired by pansy companies to fire their employees. during his many travels, he meets and has a fling with the equally travel happy alex(farmiga). their relationship is interesting, believable, and heartbreaking. ryan's quest towards 10 mil is thwarted when the fresh out of college natalie(kendrick) helps restructure the company to be more efficient and cost affective. translation, no more travel, firing folks from a computer. ryan is distraught by the companies decision and in an oh-so-predictable turn of events, gets to show natalie the ropes by doing his last few jobs on the road with her in tow. the story is beautiful, rich, and the lessons that ryan and natalie are able to learn from one another are transcendent...the opposite of cheesy... gripping, but without being too serious. I just can't say enough good things...

clooney is so good at playing the part of the sky-mile happy loner that you begin to wonder if they are in fact the same person, seriously, this role is meant for him. vera farmiga's performance is so mysterious and sexy, like it's hard not to have a little girl crush on her. and finally, anna kendrick is stellar, amazing, genius, brilliant...i don't know what else to say. i told you after twilight and new moon, that this chick was going places. she is such a joy to see on screen, she is able to capture emotions so well and translates them with perfectly clarity. She really deserves every ounce of praise she gets for this film.

so, yeah, you need to see this movie. let me know what you think, already seen it? agree? disagree? any movies i must see? fill me in.


  1. Totally agree with your review! We saw it and loved it! It was definitely more funny than I thought it was going to be.

  2. I just saw this movie last night and I absolutely loved it! Favourite moment was Natalie breaking down and crying, I laughed my head off.

  3. haha, marz! i was dying laughing at that part!!! she's fabulous!!!



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