Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes 2010: the dreadfully boring

oh fergie, are we late to junior prom? this is just so lacking. she looks nice and the color is flattering to her skin, but this is totally not 3008...more like the 1998 bridesmaids collection from davids bridal.
who has made veronica mars such a terrible red carpet dresser lately? who did this to her? because this jasmine di milo gown is sad, maybe with better shoes and jewels this could be better. but the shoes are more suited for ladies who lunch...and the's flowers. little blue flowers. i just threw up in my mouth.
amy adams doesn't generally rock my fashion world and this is pretty boring. but i will say, she's preggo and i do absolutely love the forest green and burnt orange. but overall, this is just okay.
rose byrne is a weirdo, huh? she always looks just a bit off. like she's 60% fabulous and 40% not so much. this lanvin is a beautiful color, but it gives her a very strange shape 'round her hips. i also hate that she has the pin on the dress and the pin in her hair of the same looks far too matchy matchy. no thanks.
holy bananas, heather graham gets invited to the golden globes too? bollocks. this elie saab is okay, but her hair and makeup are way to light for such a diva sparkle dress. this just isn't right. what's off? i can't put my finger on it...just boring.


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