Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes 2010: the hot damn messes

oh dear lord...this is christina hendricks and she's a boobalicious sexy lady and this peachy keen miss georgia look by project runway's christian siriano, to put it in his own words is a hot tranny mess!!!! i just can't even find the words to describe how icky this is. the fit is terrifying, the material is ghastly... it's a shame.
oh dear. i hate that this moment has come, olivia wilde on my nasty list, say it isn't so. this gucci gown is so grody. it's boring and blah. her makeup is nice, but that hair is so unbecoming it looks lopsided and like it was an afterthought. i just couldn't find a single thing i liked about this dress. the neckline is awful and weird, the material looks cheap and heavy...sigh. i'm sad.

this shouldn't surprise anyone, leona lewis wearing an ugly purple dress for the billionth time. this is just horrifying. girl needs a stylist so bad that i can't even tell you. ick. ick. no words.
this really is a shame. penelope cruz is shown here wearing giorgio armani prive and this just doesn't do her hotness justice. her hair and makeup are flawless, but the gown is just soooo unflattering. i mean the lace, the stripes, the mermaid skirt...uh-uh! i expect more!!!
oh dear. julliane moore. it's balenciaga and it's the perfect example of runway not translating to red carpet. hmm. hmm. nothing more.
once again this pains me to say, but heidi! what is this!?!?! are you late for mrs. america!?! this is just not great and the pale color, the fabric, and the cheesy necklace fall sooooo flat. i know it was raining, but her hair just looks like deflated texas hair. oh roberto cavalli, why even make such a ugly dress!
ah! yikes! oh wait it's just chloe sevigny...she is wearing a roger vivier drapery-- i mean dress. this could be something really special, but instead she just looks messy and fat! not to mention the lack of hair and makeup... and did you see her face when she accepted her award...she cared more that someone ripped her dress. uhhh, how 'bout don't wear a train to an event with tons and tons of people...some one is going to step on it. no good.


  1. Okay, my most hated dress was chloe's. Yuck! She looked horrible. Did she even have any makeup on? She just looked evil and mean to me and then someone just slapped a big fat ruffle on the front and back of her dress. And she was so freaking rude when she went to accept her award and was so concerned about that guy stepping on her dress. I didn't like her dress and now I don't think I really like her. Think I'm adding her to my very short list of people that I want to punch in the face!

  2. Oh and I forgot to add that I would have definitely added Mariah Carey to the bad list. Whoa is all I had to say!



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