Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes 2010: the not so bad

there was a lot of "nice" going on at the awards. so, these gowns are all very pretty, but just not over the top fabulous.
lea michele was robbed! but i am super happy that tina fey didn't win, let someone else share in the glory already! anyway, lea is looking pretty hot in oscar de la renta. i wish she would look happy on the red carpet. the only thing that keeps this from being extraordinary is how old it makes her look. it lacks a certain freshness, but she looks great.
kate hudson looks great, just not that interesting. she is rocking marchesa here and i can't say anything terrible about this look. i love the earrings and the satin pumps, but it's kind of underwhelming. it's crazy how much she looks like her mother.
how cute is jayma mays? answer. cute. she is a tiny little thing and this gown kind of swallows her up. she looks nice, but the black and white and the spiderweb skirt is not my favorite.
damn jennifer garner looks good! this dress is a bit safe, but the fit keeps it from being boring. the back of this versace is really stunning! i actually really like all of this ensemble except for the hair...not my fave.
yay, julia roberts at the globes! i love her! even if she was super underdressed. she is wearing ysl and she looks amazing and i suppose she can do what ever the hell she wants...she's julia roberts.
dianna agron from glee looks alright, the fit of this gown on her boobies makes her look super flat. her hair and makeup are amazing, she really looks fresh. i like the picture of the gown flowing in the wind it makes the skirt seem lighter.
this nina ricci gown is/or could be something really special, but the fit seems a bit off. carey mulligan is rocking her cute little headband and just has the most innocent face i have ever seen. i can't wait to see more from her.
cameron diaz, when i first saw a picture i had her in the hot damn mess category, but on camera this alexander mcqueen looked great. i liked seeing her in red. good work diaz.
gabby sidibe looks great! i love this color! she was one of the few people on the carpet not in nude, pink, purple or black! good for her! this kevin hall is much more fresh than what she wore to the critic's choice. the only thing i don't love is the necklace, just my personal preference.
i think tina fey looked cute! go figure, right!? that never happens. she looked retro and chic. i think the shoes are valentino? such a great little combo. good work tina fey!!
jenna fischer keeps getting better and better. one day soon she is gonna rock my best dressed list. i can feel it. i like the fit of this gown, the style was really chic last year, think jennifer morrison wearing anne valerie hash, but i really think this is a great look for her.
nowi don't hate this dress and i don't love's just kind of there. it's d&g and there is a sexy quality to it...well, i guess that could be vera farmiga...but it's very similar to the oscar de la renta that jennifer garner wore the year gary busey accosted her. so it's nothing really new, but she looked great.
is it me or has toni collette hopped on the kate winslet train and grown younger? what is this woman drinking? i must drink some! she looks so great! she is rocking this elie saab like it's her job!!! this dress isn't a new look on the carpet, but i can't deny that she does this dress proud.

ah, jennifer aniston. you look like you are trying to hop on sexy jolie train! this gown is borderline boring, but bo said that it was better than boring so i put it here. she looks great, but i find this dress unbelievably dull. her hair and makeup look the same as they always do, so she looks nice...just the same.


  1. Ok, I thought Jennifer Anniston looked smoking hot! I know it's another black dress but she totally rocked. Her hair was typical and somewhat boring but she looked amazing! I was a little disappointed in Jennifer Garner's dress. I thought her hair was a mess, granted it was raining but I didn't think the dress did anything. Even though I wasn't a fan of her dress, it showed off her body - which looks amazing! I hated what Cameron had on. Again, I think your pic here is better than on TV last night. Every time they showed her, I was just like wow - I hate that. Not my fav at all. I thought Julia was a little underdressed. She looked amazing and her jewelry was awesome but kind of simple. But like you said, she's Julia so whatever! I though Lea's dress was beautiful. Agree that it makes her look older and she should be wearing something cute and younger. But hey, it's like her first big award show so she's got the right throw on a big poofy dress. So happy they won!

  2. I second Kathryn...and I loved Cameron's dress and even though it was a bit much on the boobs..Hallie's dress was very flattering! And I love the different parts to Penelope Cruz's dress! JMO



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