Sunday, January 17, 2010

golden globes 2010: the winner's circle

BEST DRESSED: drummmmmrooooollll! anna paquin in gucci! oh my lord! how stunning is this dress!? the neck line is out of this world and i love it paired with the sleeves. and i love that the sparkle looks like it's haphazardly placed on the gown. her hair and makeup just look perfect and clean. she and stephen moyer are so stinking cute! they are gonna have adorable vampire telepath babies with really strange accents...british-kiwi-southern...huh.
#2 yay! someone wore one my predicted dresses! i thought this would be smashing on anna kendrick, but sandy bullock looks like a million bucks! this bottega veneta is just perfect, it fits her so well. i mean the bodice is unbelievable! it's like a happy little fairy dress! she just looks fantastic! her hair and makeup are flawless and i love the smoky drop earrings. she really did this right! i'm happy for her.
#3 this girl is on fire! zoe saldana is everywhere and she looks good all the time!! she is beautiful and this louis vuitton gown is ah-mazing! it was such a different and inspired look on a red carpet of boring. the bodice fits her tiny frame so well and really gave her great curves. this is just beautiful!
i just love this dress! it makes me think of the white witch and glenda the good a good way! drew barrymore won an award that was well deserved and watching her it is just amazing to see how far she has come as an actress and woman, it's inspiring. this atelier versace gown is so simple, but the sparkle bunches on the shoulder and hip are delightful. it feels very costume-y in the best way. she just looks so elegant.
girl crush alert! emily blunt looked so fresh and clean. i love this d&g blush-tone netted gown. this dress makes me sooooo happy, it's so ethereal and wonderful. i love the bracelets stacked on both arms. stunning.
this is how you do a short gown at the globes! ginnifer goodwin continues to top herself! her slicked back hair is dead sexy. the color of her vionnet frock is vibrant and different! the cat eye, the jewels, and the satin pumps are just the perfect ways to complete this look.
i think maggie gyllenhaal has the greatest, albeit odd, sense of style. she's like a normal chloe sevigny. this salmon colored roland mouret is just adorable. there are no shenanigans going on with this look. the dress is simple and fits absolutely perfect. her hair and makeup are clean and easy, yet she looks done.
my honorable mention goes to courtney cox. she looked unbelievable! the gown, a victoria beckham...go figure, is a bit boring, but she looks so fantastic that i just had to mention her! her hair and makeup are out of control sexy! i adore her earrings and the little sparkle on the belt is just great. she just looks so beautiful that i just can't even tell you! how much botox does it take to look that good!? i want some!


  1. My favorites were Sandy, Emily and Drew. It was a three way tie. As soon as I saw the dress that Sandy had on, I thought of you! Pretty impressive that you called that dress, although it was on someone different but who cares - still impressive. I wasn't a fan of what Maggie had on. Although, the picture you have posted she looks a lot better. She didn't look good when she was presenting her award or doing whatever she did. And I could of sworn her dress was only knee length when she was presenting. Guess I wasn't paying much attention!

  2. Anna looked great but I hated her shoes with that dress. I loved what Kate Hudson wore too!

  3. Zoe is out of this world (small Star Trek pun intended..haha. And I absoultely died at Sandra Bullocks dress, it's beyond amazing.

  4. The purple dress actually doesn't bother me. I like it. crazy! I like drew's dress in theory but it makes me itch. love ginnifer goodwin (but i always do). and i laughed out loud at your comment on anna paquin and stephen moyer's babies.



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