Sunday, January 31, 2010

the grammys are for lovers.

i am in the best stinking mood!!! zac brown band won for best new artist!!!! heck yeah!!!! they are just out of control talented and seriously the nicest group of guys. plus, they have really amazing wives ;) congrats guys!!! now, on to the fashion. 
1/ i'm in freaking love. this elie saab is just wonderful! the perfect grammy dress, a little weird and a lot beautiful. i love everything about it!!! the neckline is a bit crazy, but that back is just unreal! i love the gathering at the hips and the skirt is just wonderful. rihanna is my hero. 
2/ Call me crazy, but i loved this givenchy ensemble!!! ciara is rocking this for serious. it's strange and dangerous, and i think that it was perfect for the grammys. the slicked back hair and barely there makeup is just stunning and the perfect balance to this wild outfit! i love it. mock me if you must. i'm right. 
3/ once again, you can make fun of me, but i love this herve leger! it's so rock star...not that miley cyrus is a rock star, but this outfit is so cute. the dress is edgy, the shoes are sexy, the pile of necklaces are perfect. sure, the extensions are a bit much, but the sex hair and makeup are just wonderful. she looks young and fresh, i like it.  
4/ this is how you do simple. you make it freaking hot!!! sure the dress is just a white tube dress, but check out the details. the rouching along the hip, the burgundy pumps, the giant cocktail ring, and statement necklace!!! finished out with amazing bed head and some sex kitten makeup, you are set!!! so hot!!! i think i have a girl crush on looooooves her! 
5/ victoria beckham is on fire! she really knows how to dress a woman's body! and what i love is that it's women of all sizes. jennifer nettles here is like a negative size, but my lord she looks amazing. the hair is a little crazy, but this gown is just perfection. i love the cutouts and the black accents, girl looks hot!!!! i want to wear this right blog. 


  1. i actually loved miley's outfit. and i was surprised ke$ha looked like she had showered haha.

  2. thank you, hannah montana looked good ;) and i have no comment for kesha, she's a hot mess, haha!

  3. My favs were Rhianna, Taylor Swift, and Pink. Rhianna looked fab. Even Chris said something about it. And he NEVER says anything about anybody. I thought Taylor was so freaking pretty. She looked beautiful to the dress and the earrings and her skin was flawless. I loved Pink's dress too. Didn't really like how her hair matched her dress but I thought that dress was beautiful.

  4. Rihanna is just gorgeous in this gown. Love her. You know the way you hate Taylor Swift is the way I hate Miley Cyrus. Love her dress, but it should be on me...not her.

  5. thankyou so much for your comments they made me laugh (the one about tavi!) VB looks good here and I normally do not like this woman, she seems to copy peope, but this looks naturally her style! woop x



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