Sunday, January 31, 2010

the grammys, as crazy as ever!

it wouldn't be the grammys without a bunch of freaking crazy...and oh yes, there was some freaking crazy. but as this is the grammys, this sort of ridiculous behavior is acceptable...i'm still going to be mean. 
oh dear, it's lady gaga...doing what she does best, scaring the shit of people. she's like a clown, she's supposed to be fun and entertaining, but really she's just terrifying. bo thinks it looks like the fortress of solitude. hahaha. this gown believe it or not was created by armani prive, which is really something, that she is getting super designers to make clothes for her. the worst part is that her who-ha is just like peeking out from the rings...soooo bad. maybe this wouldn't be as awful if she didn't have the pastel pink lips, pee yellow hair, and insane eye makeup. oh yikes, yes it would be just as bad. 
well, hmmm, okay. britney spears looks okay. the hair and makeup are a billion times better than normal, but this d&g dress makes me sorta sad...i feel like we are taking a giant step back. i mean her body looks great, but the crotch and tummy panel of this dress just look awful and the sheer black tights, wtf!?! so icky!!! i wish i had a better angle to see if this was decent from any, no. 
this girl needs to stop. like really stop. stop singing. stop going out in public. stop purchasing glitter. stop smoking, whatever various drugs that make your eyes look like that. this is just so much nasty. with the big knockers this dress just looks slutty. she is just the definition of hot damn mess. oh, this is kesha, i refuse to type a $ in her name. yikes, this is what is happening to music. it's dying slowly. 
malin akerman is generally pretty cute, but this is just a tacky mess of tacky. i mean those boots are terrible. and who ever told her it would be a good idea to wear them with this tin foil dress should be fired. no, shot. 
pink, my darling pink. now, this isn't that bad for pink, but it's just kinda much. the glitter, the scallops, the pseudo-crumb catcher, the ombre. i think she looks fantastic, this just doesn't completely do it for me.  but again, for pink this is pretty great. 
oh dear. someone needs to inform j.lo that she isn't 20 anymore. this versace isn't even flattering to her rocking body. plus, that monster hair and the crazy smoking eye is just not doing it for me. the best part are the bracelets. 
whatcha sayyyyy, i say this looks like a pile of nasty. like you must be insane, imogen heap. right? normal people don't leave the house going to the grammys carrying a parasol, a lucite purse, granny's dress, and whatever the crap is around her neck? rounds? a belt? ugly? yes. 


  1. You know, I don't think Lady Gag was on my worst dress list at all. You expect crazy from her and she always delivers. I kinda look forward to see how she is going to top herself each time and she totally does. So, kudos to her...she knows her style and she rocks it all the time. Not a fan of the pee hair but whatever!

    I thought J.Lo looked like crap. What was up with her dress? Me no like. And it pains me to say this, but Britney looked like a hot mess. Her hair and makeup looked great but that dress was just yuck. And her bf didn't look that great either.

  2. oh dear, theres being out there and then theres this...



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