Sunday, January 31, 2010

the grammys, beige out.

so apparently nude is the new thing. and it's not rocking my socks. here are some of the ladies who need a bit of color. 
oh dear, i didn't like the zac posen on the runway and i don't like it on katy perry. it's just so goofy and ill fitting. her boobs look crazy saggy and this just doesn't do anything for her. plus, the silly tiny bangs and the bindi are so gwen stefani 10 years ago. no ma'am. 
beyonce needs to realize that this silhouette DOES NOT look good on her. she wears this shape too much and it makes a hot lady, look wide. and personally, the color of this stephane rolland does nothing for me. the hair and makeup is off the mark too. that makeup may work on the runway, but not so much here. and what's in her hair? oh no.
miss seal. looking pretty fabulous, can you believe she just had a kid a few months ago? the dress is a bit 70's gogo dancer to me, so not so great, but hair, makeup, and shoes are amazing. her boobs are out of control. 
bore, bore, bore. so, after the grammys colbie caillat is running over to the ms. america pagent. this is heinous. she's such a cute girl too, this just seems to far from her's so done and she seems so chill and relaxed...ain't nothing relaxed about this. 
i didn't know ashanti still made music. well, she still knows how to wear an ugly dress. this actually has potential i think the bodice is stunning, the mixture of beads and studs is really interesting, but the break above the knee and the luminescent chiffon cascading down is just soooo cheesy. i don't mind the little cap sleeve, but the bottom just ruins it. her hair is a bit a shellacked for my taste, but the make up is pretty.   
this chick is hooooot! i have know idea what she sings, but i do know that zac and the guys beat her for an award and i'm super happy about that. but she is beautiful. the dress isn't wildly interesting, but keri hilson looks beautiful. it fits her perfectly and looks great with her skin. not bad. she'll get better. 


  1. haha every sentence under Ashanti´s pic is ON POINT! hehehe

  2. looks like shes trying to take on the house wife rolee....



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