Sunday, January 31, 2010

the grammys, dreadfully boring.

the grammys is no place for playing it safe and these ladies are certianly not making any waves...
yawn. i just want you to know, i don't like her. she seems sweet and it's very nice that she writes her own music, but i find her music positively mind-numbing. watching her perform is one of the most uncomfortable things imaginable. i just don't get it. but alas, here she is. as always, i'm happy the hair is up, cause when it's down she looks like a shocked poodle. the makeup is nice, the earring are beautiful, but this kaufman franco gown doesn't work for me. it ages her soooo much. the shape and the color are just suited for someone older. plus, i hate the neckline. the back was interesting, but i'm just gonna go with no. 
good ole nicole kidman, she looks okay. her face seems to be calming down a bit. i like her little retro up do. i bet this gown looked nice in person because she definitely looks tall and skinny, but in photos it's kinda boring. this is just kinda boring. 
who styles carrie underwood? sometimes she looks great, but others she looks not great. this edition by georges chakra isn't great. the neckline is really kinda fun, but the skirt from  the waist down is just so blah. i really hate chiffon...the accessories are nice, so is her makeup, but that hair is just terrible. 
fergie, ferg. i think this is pretty great, her hair and makeup are rocking hot! this dress isn't new and exciting, but it does look really good on mrs. duhamel. the shoes are super sexy. not bad. 
this look was soooo close to being one of my favorites, but i just can't get over the sheer black tights. jennifer hudson's body looks sick in this victoria beckham collection dress. i mean, this is stunning. and the pumps fabulous. i just see those tights and i think 1994. she looks smoking hot though. amazing. 
it's official kristen bell can't dress. this is another example of her lack of fashion sense. i mean, she looks short and shapeless. the hair and makeup are kinda va-va-va-voom, but starting at the neckline and ending with the way too long hem, this dress is bad. on a happy note, congrats apparently she is engaged to dax shepard. 
GLLLEEEE. lea michelle got an invite to the grammys and looked beautiful. the hair and makeup are sexy, but the dress just doesn't do it for me. it's ramona kevaza and it's a total boring rip-off of a fabulous marchesa gown that diane kruger wore back in april. not bad. 
now sheryl crow can do whatever the heck she wants, but this is bottega veneta is pretty dull, the giant gold earrings are perfection and the bracelets and ring are just amazing. it's just a lot of brown fabric, her arms are out of control. 
mary j. blige is having the opposite problem as sheryl crow...this gown is waaay to tight. the color is lovely on her, but this gown just shows everything. it is not flattering in the least!!! oh, and her jewels are just soooo tacky. no thank you. 


  1. I tottaly love rihanna's and miley's outfit!

  2. haha i seriously couldnt agree with u more!
    especially when it comes to miss goody2shoes swift! YAWN! and sheryl crow looked like jesus christ himself.

    love the blog!



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