Monday, January 11, 2010

my new look: numero uno.

the inspiration:

what i wore:

so, i decided to start basic with my new venture to "duplicate" super fabulous celebrity outfits. i had a dinner date with new friends, yay, so it was the perfect way to try a different look. it was a casual dinner and it's still pretty stinking cold out so i choose this ensemble a la rachel bilson. my look isn't identical, but i rocked my black j. brand denim leggings, a filmy white blouse from banana republic, a dark grey blazer from sisley, and my black hobo international clutch. i liked this outfit, i felt cute, but not super girly. i really dig the colors. it's so simple, the black jeans, tan boots, white's not rocket science, but it also doesn't look like everyone else. first look, success. whatcha think? did i accomplish the overall look? what would make this better? tell me, tell me.


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