Friday, January 15, 2010

let's dress these mamas...

the golden globes are just a few joyful days away and i don't know about you, but i'm freaking excited! i just love the smell of expensive things on the red carpet! well, i've never actually been there, but i bet it smells like heaven...and rich people...never mind me, it's late. i decided it would be fun to play dress up with these ladies in the gowns that i want to see on the red carpet. i had way too much fun matching the dresses to the actresses personality and style, plus, it doesn't hurt that i have copious amounts of time on my hands. let's begin.

my darling anna kendrick always looks adorable out and about. she tends to be a bit conservative in her red carpet wear and generally shies away from color, but i think that the golden globes are her time to shine... at least until the oscars... i would love to see her in this bright, vibrant purple frock by bottega veneta is just fiery enough without being too much, too daring. i think it's age appropriate and fun while looking super classy.

i think i have a girl crush on emily blunt and i am dying to see young victoria!!! damn you pensacola!! this girl is stunning and has an unbelievable body which she isn't afraid to show off. emily is pretty daring when it comes to the red carpet, but i like her best when she is super simple. i would love to see her in this naeem kahn curve hugging masterpiece. it's soooo simple, but the sleeves, the sparkle, and the neckline make it kind of extraordinary. i think she would rock this.

i love me some streep! seriously, this women is a living legend. i made bo watch julie and julia and while i found the amy adam's story line lacking, meryl streep as julia child was pure genius. now she is notorious for showing up to events without much preparation, but she's meryl streep...she can do what the hell she wants!!! but if she did want to do some style recon, i think she would looking smashing in this reem acra while remaining in her style comfort zone. i looooove this gown and think it suits streep's red carpet personality. i would probably have a bit of tailoring done to make sure she didn't look shapeless.

i think this may be my favorite! i loooove me some true blood and as a side effect i now love me some anna paquin. she is a super talented young lady and man i want her to win again! her body is out of control so i think she needs to rock something tiiiiight! so when i saw this donna karan she was the first person that came to mind...other than myself looking fabulous. i think this gown is a nice evolution from last years sexy, but simple frock. this steps it up a bit.

even if you don't dig all of her fashion choices you have to admit, marion cotillard isn't scared of fashion, she's fearless. and lucky for her she has made friends with the designer who does daring best, so i have no doubts that she will wear something by her beloved dior. i loved this red dress and thought who better to wear it, it's very retro and super sexy... how french? right!?

rachel, rachel, rachel. so glee is the best thing on television, i've said it a million times, if you aren't watching it, you need to. the first season's dvd is already on sale for like 25 dollars. buy it. and this lady, lea michelle, is part of the reason it's so fabulous. she is uber talented and a cutie to boot. now as far as her style goes she is a relative newcomer, but one thing i have noticed is the short, short i thought maybe she should try something a bit different. i love this carolina herrera and think it's cute retro flair would suit her personality. it's award appropriate without being a gown. 
january jones is always among my best dressed and this year i think she needs to continue to think outside of the box. and she needs to rock this boho chic oscar de la renta, it is one of my favorite gowns on the runways because it doesn't look like anything else out there.
penelope cruz rarely takes a step out of bounds when it comes to looking fabulous. she does it all, sexy, innocent, volume, sparkle, feathers...she can wear anything. i think it's about time for some over the top sexy. i am in love with this michael kors gown. the shape is perfect for showing off her outrageous curves and the pattern, which rocks my socks, is perfectly appropriate for the character she is nominated for. love it.

i had such a hard time with sandy bullock. i didn't want it too similar to what she generally wears, but i also didn't want too go crazy. she is going to least one award, so she is going to be decked out, but it's been a while since we've seen her in a big ball gown, so i'm not sure she is going to go the route, maybe for the oscars. i went with these two gowns because i thought that they were both stunning and memorable. plus, they both look comfortable. the first is john galliano, i think this dress is soooo super sweet and bullock loves to look cutesie on the red carpet, so viola. the second is a lela rose asymmetrical stunner. i looove white and gold, i think it's so regal...

so there you go! what do you think? did i get it right? no? say what? who are you looking forward to seeing walk the red carpet? or do you even care? let me know! you know i love feed makes me feel loved.


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