Tuesday, January 12, 2010

more styling fun...

the inspiration:

what i wore:
so, i did it again! yay! i was just running out to target and a few other places because i absolutely needed to buy something(i did! rodarte for target denim shorts, adorable!!!), but i decided to make the effort and avoid looking homeless...as i generally do in the sweatpants and layers of unflattering whatnot. i once again kept it casual, but used crazy cameron diaz as my inspiration. the colors of my sweater make this more "day" appropriate. i am rocking a kensie tunic, forever21 hooded bomber jacket, gianni bini riding boots, and some cheapo leggings (that's not a brand...they are just really cheap). i really liked the feel of this outfit, it's body conscious and kinda flirty, but really shamelessly comfortable. so did i get the diaz vibe?

and isn't hammond cute in his cami bandanna!? he's so styling!!!!

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