Thursday, January 14, 2010

people who look better than you...

isn't it fun to watch celebrities live your dream and wear the most beautiful and insanely expensive clothes, which were most likely given to them for free even though they could afford to buy them anyway, while we sit at home and not get acting jobs and pine over amazing clothes we are only able to buy in our latest obsession are a pair of 845 dollar green suede louboutins, sigh. anyyyyy who, here are some amazing outfits from the last few weeks. so rachel mcadams is redeeming herself big time for that pale blue strange icky thing she wore to the london premiere of sherlock holmes. while i sill don't dig her has a blonde, i can't deny how amazing she looks in this alberta ferretti. i love this color on her skin. and the strips of fabric really help shape the dress beautifully to show off her rockin bod. i'm digging it.
lightening stuck twice. rachel looks so good that i am going to give her a get out of jail free card for that nasty eyeshadow. this gown is by vionnet and i am in love. it's the perfect color, it's nude, but somehow doesn't wash her out. and those satin shoes, oh-my-lord, are stunning!!! good work.
holy bananas, can you believe that rebecca romijn has had twins??? she looks hooootttt! i love the body con black and white skirt! that is a big trend for spring...i am in love with one by a brand torn. i will have it! i just think she looks wonderful. her hair and makeup are always flawless...she's done, but not too done.
ahhhh, nicole. is there anything that she puts on that doesn't look amazing! how does she freaking do it? she always looks so bohemian and thrown together, but still sophisticated and chic. she is a complete contradiction. the dark hair looks stunning with this ensemble. to me, she's one of the very few celebs who looks great blonde or brunette. i freaking love her.
sex and the city 2 is going to be pretty terrible, but thanks to sarah jessica parker not only will i watch that one, i will also go see satc 3 and 4. she wears clothes flawlessly. and i love this sweet sophie theallet dress paired with chanel stockings. she is seriously the one of the sexiest women in hollywood. what a perfect love.


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