Sunday, January 24, 2010

the sag awards: so very close...

so these ladies are here because one of two reasons: one, they have worn this look before or two, something is just ever so slightly off that keeps the look from being flawless. but to be fair, i think most of these gowns are pretty fabulous.
i love this gown! this monique lhuillier was originally a wedding dress, but in this shade of blue it's perfection. it fits drew like a glove. love, love, love. now this would be in my best dressed if someone would have advised ms. barrymore to wear some damn lipstick! what's wrong with her mouth? it looks like she is suffering from hypothermia. i even love the crazy hair, but i cannot get over the foundation colored lips.
i never seem to love or hate what kyra sedgwick wears, it always just seems okay. she looks very nice in this white vera wang, but when i see it i can't seem to separate it from any of the other gowns she's worn. they all kind of blend...strapless, column dresses, with a little flare in the skirt... so she looks great, but this dress...been there, done that.
now, penelope cruz has kind of let me down lately on the red carpet...this l'wren scoot dress is beautiful, but just looks like something she has worn a million times. she is usually such a fashionista that it bums me to see her repeat a look. i mean, seriously, her hair and makeup are identical to the golden globes and the dress might as well be the same, but short. although, i do actually like this better than the armani she wore last week, but please bring it for the oscars!!!!
jullianna margulies is having a hell of a comeback and good for her. she and narciso rodriguez have always worked well together and this gown looks wonderful on her...buuut, kinda boring right? i kind of want to stack her arms full of diamonds or give her an obnoxiously large cocktail ring. she just needs something else because this just kind of is for me...
carey mulligan is still topping my super cute list. i love the pink, i love the broach. i love just about everything about this, until you get to the knee...hmm. what is that weird gathering? not so much. makes her look short and like she has a gimp leg. i would almost like to hack this lanvin gown right at the knee and give her some awesome shoes. are you seeing it?
now, i wasn't quite sure where to put jennifer carpenter. but i have to admit, i like this paule ka dress. i probably would have done different shoes, or maybe a burgundy or forest green pump, but i like it. i loove the big amazing art deco earring... so, you ask, why isn't this one of your best dressed? because um, if you direct your eyes that mess of a hair do!!! holy helmet head batman! not good. sooooo close.
once again, i loooove this alexander mcqueen and boy do i love me some anna paquin, but something about this look doesn't seem appropriate for the event. it seems far to casual. more like an independent spirit dress. it just needs more. but i am loving everything about this look. perfection.
now, this is sooo much better. after last weeks icky peach mess, it seems that christina hendricks has found a more suitable look. i love red on her. the gown seems to fit her body very well and i absolutely adore the hair and makeup. and don't get me started on those earrings! they are perfect! the gown while beautiful still doesn't do much for me. the column shape is a bit off and i always think they look funny by the hem line... just me.
how fabulous is anna kendrick? i adore her. and i adore this alberta ferretti gown. it is so cute on her and the color is just fantastic on her skin. it does kind of through me back to last years oscars, natalie portman in rodarte. and while natalie's seemed youthful, something about this looks old. i think if she had piled on more accessories that would have helped lighten the spirit of the dress. or the hair, which is my biggest complaint, just seems so old. she really is doing a great job on the carpet. she will figure it out.
gabby sidibe is rocking color my friend and with her skin tone, thank jesus. what a beautiful combination!? i love all of this, the jewels, the gown, the hair and makeup...but i am a little confused by the boobies. somehow they have been so smashed down that you loose that curve. maybe it's just the photographs, but i would definitely push those girls uuup!

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  1. Most of the people here I was not a fan of. I really like Drew's dress. Every time I look at that dress though there is something weird about it. But the rest of them...not impressed. I thought Anna looked great though.



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