Sunday, January 24, 2010

the sag awards: totally not awesome.

let me start by saying, i don't think that anyone i'm blogging about is all that terrible, in fact, i would say that most look amazing...the dresses are just a bit lacking. i mean there are definitely not fabulous, but none is flat out nasty...okay, maybe some are flat out nasty... read on.
holy lord. now, patricia arquette always looks a hot damn mess on the red carpet, but this is taking it to another level of gross! it's terrifying, she looks like a jolly green giant drag queen...scary. super scary. there is no redeeming quality. just bad. bad. bad.
ok, this is pretty bad. julia louis-dreyfus usually looks so nice and simple on the carpet, but this look is so fashion school project gone bad. the nude fabrics with the sheer black overly were in a few years ago, but there is a definite reason why they went away. this just looks icky. even her little black purse looks cheap and i am positive it wasn't. she on the other hand looks amazing, seriously her body is fierce.

now at first glance toni collette in rafael cennamo was going to be in the best dressed...upon further inspection i was let down a bit. her hair and makeup are outrageously fabulous and in the close up on the left she is just perfection, but the shape of the gown is super unflattering, it just makes her look like she's shaped like mrs. potato head. there isn't enough definition in the hip to be a mermaid, but it also doesn't work as a ball gown...she just looks like she has a poopy diaper. but man from the boobs up, she is smoking.
i don't know what it is, but i neeeever like christina applegate on the red carpet. she always just seems to play it soooo safe and pretty. this just seems boring and i do not like the color. it's roberto cavalli, so that's probably why i am having flash backs to just last week with heidi's powder blue cavalli disaster. but i suppose she looks nice, just not wow!
tina fey, won again, big freaking surprise. it seems she busted out an old bridesmaids dress for the occasion. the purple ferragamo is predictable and nothing new. her hair and makeup do look very well done.
michelle monaghan is a hottie, i mean she used to be a model, of course she's hot, she's also known for wearing really cool, super hip runway dresses on the carpet. now, i can't seem to find the designer, so if you know speak up, but i just can't get into this. i love the idea of this dress, but the bagginess of the one sleeve looks super 70's in a bad way and the hemline just makes me want to, what are those shoes? i love the color and the sparkle...i mean the ombre doesn't even bother's just off. but dear lord, her hair and makeup look killer good!
glee!!! yay!! dianna agron has been everywhere, walking every read carpet and she hasn't really impressed me yet. and this edition by georges chakra isn't doing it for me. i mean, the right booby looks like it's sagging down to her lady business. now, even if that weird fabric thing wasn't there i feel this gown would just be boring at best. her hair and makeup are amazing, the lipstick is beautiful on her.
oh paula patton, mmm, mmm. this is just sad. when you are preggo in hollywood and you step out on the red carpet, everyone should know! body hugging fabrics that show the world, hey i'm pregnant!! when i first saw this i thought, wow she looks fat! isn't that terrible, then i read she was with child and i just couldn't understand why she would make herself look so much bigger. jen garner, jessica alba, kate hudson all rocked the red carpet when they were pregs. so, if i were her i would fire the stylist.
oh, meryl streep. now, to be honest, i don't hate this... i may even like it, but there is something about the whole look that seems off. i honestly can't tell you. maybe i wish the belt was navy or grey. maybe it's the hair or the earrings... i just can't place it...let me know if you figure it out.

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  1. You forgot Sophia Loren. It was like she got stuck in a spider's web! Not pretty.



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