Tuesday, January 19, 2010

we can all be supermodels...ha...

the inspiration:

what i wore:

so, i went to church for the first time in, well, in a long time. i wasn't sure what people wore to church these days, but i figured dressed up jeans would be appropriate. they were, maybe even a bit too dressy. i found this picture of heidi klum and had to try it. i hope you enjoy the pictures because it took me forever to take the photos myself, i need a tripod badly! i liked the innocence of this look, very fresh a bit 70's with the bellbottoms, not to mention i adore polka dots! i also love this look because i felt really, really tall! i love feeling tall! i had on my super comfy anlo jeans, a shirt by bb dakota, my old navy platforms, and my deep purple martin & osa cardigan....now, i would have on my black jcrew cardigan, if i could find it!!!! i've looked everywhere for the stupid thing!!! if you know where it is let me know ;) so let me know, did i get it right?


  1. your hair looks fab in these! you're rockin it better than heidi, and I promise that isn't just a biased opinion. ;)

  2. just so you know, you are really, really tall always. you are a giant. also, kudos for going to church.



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