Monday, January 25, 2010

yes, i really went out...

the inspiration:

what i wore:

now, i actually got dressed without this outfit in mind, but once i got it on i remembered jessica stroup's cute ensemble. so see, fashion makes it's way into our brain! when you really eat and breathe it, it becomes so much easier. my outfit is a pretty direct translation, i didn't have a sparkly skirt, but i did have a super tight grey thing...i also wanted to wear sandals, it's been to long! i am rocking a banana blazer and organic tee, a totally 80's bandage skirt, and my favorite steve madden, dior knockoffs. i piled on a few cute delicate necklaces and viola. all the boys in yard totally wanted my milkshake...huh? look at that booty! so what do you think, would you were this? does my butt look big? in a good way?


  1. Lol, your bum looks fabulous in that skirt, so don't worry. I love the blazer you paired with it too, very chic. You know what I've noticed? You have a great home! I love how you've decorated the walls especially. I don't know why I've never commented on that before, as I'm always thinking of it whenever I see your posts!

    Ps, I have a giveaway on my blog open to Canadian and US residents, check it out!


  2. I love it.... :)
    So simple and yet so stunning. That skirt adds a perfect amount of interested! LOVE iT!

    With Love...



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