Friday, February 19, 2010

botox, botox everywhere...

since it will take some time to organize the hundreds of pictures i saved from fashion week, i decided, again, to talk about something that's been bothering me lately. what's happened to celebrities faces? i'm not being funny or even mean spirited, it just pains me to see these beautiful women poke and prod at themselves until they are unrecognizable. I just don't understand what makes a person do it. Someone in the biz once explained it to me... it's like looking in the mirror and seeing something to change, maybe it's just something small, then these celebs go to an la doctor, big mistake, and the doctor informs them of 20 other things that they would change and because actors are so terribly insecure, they do it. so now it's normal to look like your face is stretched tight on a canvas and your top lip to be bigger than your bottom lip...ew! but as soon as you notice something sagging or another line, you run to your doc who has no qualms about pumping your face up like a balloon...double ew. it's about time somebody told a celebrity no, you are beautiful and you don't need to change a thing. doctors are sleazebags.
hollywood is going to eat me alive, huh? i have no problem with a little work, i tell my hubby constantly we need to start my botox fund because i have absolutely believe in a little boost now and again. and i will tell you now that your favorite 20-something star who has never had botox...has had botox, i don't care what they say. if you do it and look good why lie about it? so many celebs claim they haven't had a face lift, bollocks. i may not be very smart, but i do know that you no matter how much sunscreen you use and how well you treat yourself, you can't look better at 40 then you did at just doesn't work that way. i think the women who look amazing shouldn't be lying about it, why not share the knowledge? the real secret is how to balance looking human and normal, while retaining youth. i mean, we all have wrinkles and when your face is so tight that you don't have smile lines around your eyes, you look like a freaking alien! that's not hot! balance people, balance.
i had side by side photos of celebrities to show of the good, the bad, and crazy ugly, but it's not even worth it, you know who i am talking about... so tell me, who in hollywood has taken it too far? who is doing it right? what do you think of using botox and other medical procedures to keep you looking young? are you morally opposed? would you consider it in the future? or do plan to stay au naturale? liar, you are so gonna have work done.


  1. Totally agree with this post, people are going waaaaay overboard.

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  2. I agree. People who get something done mostly don't look younger, they just look like people who got something done. And nobody sees that. It's kind of sad, but it's their choice.

  3. Yeah, it always frightens me when I see celebrities who have totally overdone it. It's like they don't realize how horrid they look...

    I just read an article in US Weekly (I think that was the mag) where is showed Angelina Jolie has had Botex and possibly a facelift. For some reason that surprised me because she seems so young...but perhaps now I know why she's always seemed so young! Lol.

  4. i agree esp when you are living in LA - there is so much pressure to be perfect.

    i def think i would get botox in years to come...but im terrified of needles lol so well see




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