Tuesday, February 16, 2010

celebrities designing clothes...kind of annoying, right?

celebrities have tough lives. for serious. i mean, designer clothes, world travel, living their dreams, going to rehab...do these folks really have time to be "designing" their own fashion lines!? come on, everyone and their brother has a fashion line or a perfume and personally i find it annoying. i think my biggest problem is how these companies seem to equate stylish women with women who know design. now, some of these lines are incredibly successful and inventive, but it seems like such a gimmick most times.
i mean the kardashian's for bebe, no thank you, in fact even if a piece was cute i couldn't purchase it out of principal, these women are famous for NO reason, i'll repeat, NO reason...but it's okay, just because the have a reality show, own a clothing store, and are relatively fashionable...yeah, let's give them a fashion line! can they sew? sketch? there are designers all over the world who would kill to have their own line and we are gonna let some c-list celebrities make outfits that are cute. bollocks.
now, i know that the girls from laguna beach, the hills, the city...whatever, love fashion and studied blah blah, well, they also get fashion lines...hmm, so shitty reality television equals your own fashion line. suck. in the real world these ladies would have to spend years apprenticing and learning...unless they were exceptional designers and while i find both whitney port and lauren conrad very cute girls with great style, their clothes are overpriced, typical, and could easily be purchased at forever21 for a fraction of the cost.
and who's to say that fergie and jessica simpson know a damn thing about designing a shoe...i mean, they are cute shoes...most of them look like rip-offs of other shoes, which is fine, but why pay a celebrity to endorse a line of knockoffs? are fergie and jessica simpson that influential in the fashion world...no... now the one thing that i will give these two song birds is that both their shoe lines and boobie simpson's accessories are decent prices for a decent product.
i guess when it comes down to it, who cares? but i always get my panties in a twist when i see a celebrity get a ridiculously amazing opportunity for simply being, when there is a genius struggling designer out there that eats and breathes fashion working 6 jobs to survive. dude, you are actors and singers...you already get to live your dream, you don't need to be a brand. would i except a clothing line? i honestly don't know, i love fashion, seriously i love it, like i could wrap myself up in fashion and be happy forever, BUT i am not a designer i like to think that i can make art out of designers amazing work, but that's already a thing...it's called a stylist. and at the end of the day how many of these ladies dress themselves...hmmm. point made ;) 
now, with all of that bitching i have to say there are a few celeb designers that just rock my socks. and i think i enjoy them because they seem devoid of that gimmicky element. my favorite celebrity designers, marykate and ashley olsen's elizabeth and james and the row, lamb by gwen stefani, and victoria beckham's new line. the olsen twins are really something special, they are fashion school drop outs, but really have this understanding of classic/boho/street/chic style, that's a freaking mouthful, that's what she said... moving on, i can't really afford much from their collections, but i can sure as hell try stuff on at intermix and their blazers fit like perfection, their shirts drape perfectly...they really understand what looks good on a women...so to me, they are designers that just so happened to be child actors. i think that gwen stefani has such a personal sense of style and a way of doing things that is completely her own and i think that her line is just beautiful, nothing seems manufactured, it's just her being real and honest through fashion. have you ever tried on lamb shoes? holy lord, your legs look like sex! so stinking hot! now my latest love is victoria beckham, i wasn't a huge fan of the dvf jean line which was full of that blah celebrity whatnot, but this new line is amazing, whoever they have added to the team was worth it. the clothes are very quintessential victoria beckham and seem to fit women like a freaking glove.

so that's my rant. what do you think? are you a fan of celebrity designers? does it even matter? who do you like? hate? does it make you laugh to know that madonna is currently working on a line for macys. it makes me laugh, just in a british accent...


  1. I agree. Cloths should be the one greatest passion for a designer, not something to do on the side while making movies or records. Designing should be a lifestyle, not a hobby.

  2. I agree with you. :-)

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  3. I love your blog! And I couldn't agree with this post more, than if I had written it myself.

    It's so sad that these C and D list celebrities are handed over their own clothing lines, while extremely talented people (the next McQueen, perhaps!) are struggling to make it after graduating from fashion school. It makes me sad because I feel it stifles true fashion, true creativity. Such a shame.

    I do agree with you on Gwen and the Olsen twins. There are some exceptions. Those celebrities are genuinely fashionable and have an understanding and creativity.

    I heard Lady Gaga is getting her own line very soon. I'm curious to see it. She's taken a lot of fashion risks so far, so her collection could either be cringe-worthy or complete genius...hmmm...

  4. I AGREE. it annoys me to no end. haha

  5. Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog, really sweet of you to comment.

    I completely agree with you and your rant, I appreciate a lot of people love fashion but they get these huge contracts mainly because of their name and there's a lot more talented designers out there struggling to make things happen (maybe they should go on reality t.v. they'd probably get a contract then).


  6. You got it right on point!!!

    I am the same way, put a celebrity on a label and I will never buy the product...I do love Olsen's, gwen's and victoria's lines, but that is just an exception. In the sea of mistakes, there's always an exception.

    With Love...

  7. I so agree with your opinion! You definitely got the good and the bad right lol

  8. I agree with everything you said and it was so well written and argued - fabbityfabfab!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  9. clebrities think they are super heroes but i like some of them


  10. i don't like many of them too. and the ones you mentioned your faves are my faves too. also lately, alexa chung for madewell =D

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  13. yeah, I really love the last 3 lines you've talked about, although I haven't gotten to try on any of them yet. must do that!

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  14. It's really interesting your point of view , I am agree with many things that you said, but I have to say that I love the Victoria Beckhman's collection, the dresses are very welldone and also they have a interesting structure. Good post!
    And thank you for your lovely comment, I love it!

  15. no! no no no no no mz beckham went to the school of mouret. and then decided to sort of add a few bits here and there.... she doesnt have the olsen gift!?!

  16. haha, i am loving everyone agreeing with me!!!! and style mews you had me cracking up. you are very right her style is very rm, the fit is just sooooo fancy and flattering.but i agree, she doesn't have the olsen gift.

  17. amazing looks
    your blog is great!

  18. I am with you on Olson twins, Gwen and Vicky B. they exudes style & class. All the others are kinda irritating. You can by style but you can't by class.



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