Sunday, February 14, 2010

happy valentines day...blah, blah, blah...

happy v day...
i hate valentines day...always have. i mean, one should cherish and dote on their loved ones and significant others at all shouldn't need a fake holiday created by card companies to remember how much you love someone...we like to think of it more as a happy birthday to our baby, hammond the dog. now, you may recognize this stud muffin from his appearances in my outfit posts...he likes to sneak in, but here is our baby ham-dog! he's two today, so it's official, we are living with a teenager, yikes!!!
happiest guy in the world! 
sleeping...his favorite thing to do...and yes, that is how he really sleeps. 


  1. ok he is AMAZING haha so cute

  2. your dog is so precious! My dog also sleeps like that sometimes and it always makes me laugh :)


  3. I had no idea Vday was Hamond's bday too! Happy Bday pup! Cooper sleeps just like that too. We call it the dying cockroach position.

  4. Midori shows off all her places for Hammond - happy belated, she says.

  5. happy belated bday hammond! also, that card is hilarious.



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