Monday, February 22, 2010

holy bafta, batman.

we here in the states tend to forget about britain's big night...actually, i'm pretty sure brit's forget about britain's big night too ;) it's generally a kind of casual event, although some ladies really go all out...i think that this was a super fun red carpet, some really pretty dresses and some truly heinous dresses. oh what fun!? 
my two best dressed! saoirse ronan on the left in burberry is out of control hot!!!! it's hard not to think of her as little briony tallis in atonement or as my husband likes to call her "selfish bitch kid" he really hated her in that film...well, who can blame him, she essentially got keira knightley killed, the love of his life!!! any who, back to the dress, fabulous fabulous fabulous! the shoes, the bracelets, the hair, the makeup, ah-mazing! and then little miss perfection on the right! audrey tautou is flawless and in this pink lanvin she just looks like the little angel that she is. the red clutch, lip, and shoes could look matchy-matchy, but somehow on her it looks just right! i just can't even find the proper words to describe how fabulous she is!
ah, my twilight girls, wha-what!? kristen stewart actually won an award, good for her, her speech was crazy painful though, she's soooooo awkward. but i thought she looked pretty cute, this isn't my favorite of her fashion choices, but this chanel is pretty adorable. it fits a bit lumpy by the boobies, but those shoes are ah-mazing! her hair is getting better too. hell, i'm just happy she's smiling. and my darling anna kendrick, looking like a freaking cha-cha dancer in pucci. something about the fit of this dress is off. it looks wide, like it floats too far away from her body. her hair is a bit wonky too, is it supposed to be loose on the right side? this just doesn't do it for me, the color on the other hand is perfect for her...
holy crap, it's ginny weasley all hot and whatnot!!!! bonnie wright is smoking hot which begs the question, how did they know she would grow up to be so hot when they cast her? anyways, this prada gown looks pretty fabulous on's a bit plain and a bit too grown up, but the fit is pretty awesome, so she will get bonus points. ah, claire danes in burberry and all grown up. i don't like seems so know!? like it should be edgy and rocky...but the red lipstick, dainty jewels, and mom hair just make it kind of with some retro pin curls pulled into a mess updo, chunky bangles, and a swipe of deep burgundy lipstick...that would be amazing. 
yay, brits!!! i wish i could be a brit...i loved england, so fresh and some of you americans may not know who this lovely and very preggo lady on the left is, silly americans. that's anne marie duff aka mrs. james mcavoy! that's right, she is having mr. tumnus' baby. lucky bitch. she's wearing alberta ferretti and eh? it's okay, but she's like super preggo and looks amazing so we won't be mean. carey mulligan is the cutest thing on the planet, seriously, go watch her interview on craig ferguson if you want to really laugh out loud. here she is in a vionnet gown and i just don't know what to think. part of me wants to love it, the rest of me just can get past the split skirt with the mini underneath...the pattern and the neckline is just fabulous, but yeah that skirt...i can't get passed it. she looks great as a blonde though. 
what is this magic pill that kate winslet has taken? she looks freaking amazing! and this stella mccartney dress is sexy and understated...i think, while simple, this is a pretty fantastic look for her. oh, vera farmiga and your big dress. i have always been a fan of this marchesa gown, but doesn't it kind of seem done? like we've seen it a thousand times. with that aside, she looks amazing. her hair and makeup look the most normal i've seen them in a while, no electric blue or orange eyeshadow...thank god.

hmmm. i'm stuck. i don't know what to think. this chick on the left is jamie winstone and she is wearing a very familiar vintage alexander mcqueen. first off, she looks like a tranny. second, didn't claire danes wear this gown???? i have searched high and low for photos...seriously, like 3 hours last night!!! i have no life. i love the fur with the dress, but it's been done before...this dress has been find another way to pay tribute and maybe don't look like a drag queen. kristen scott thomas kind of scares me...she looks so french in this photo, french and angry. she is wearing louis vuitton, hence the french vibe...but she looks like the older woman who seduces young boys and then throws them away or kills them...hmm.
oh and this is just some yummy for god he's, mm, mm. holy bananas. 


  1. Wait. When did Briony Tallis grow up? :D

  2. audrey tautou is my favorite actress! she is always so so cute...its interesting to see her so dolled up with all that makeup on, but i like it!

  3. hey thanks for stopping by & commenting! your blog is too cute. love the choices you made as best dressed! though i always feel kristen could try just a BIT harder, lol. stop by again soon! xoxo, steph

  4. wow bonnie wright does look amazing! I love her dress so simple and sheek. Thanks for stopping by my blog! HAha never be to shy to wear what you want! Wear what you dare! Thats my motto! I love love your blog!


  5. great blog ! thanks for liking my art - I am following & would love u to follow mine as well :)

  6. thanks for comment:D
    I feel better:D
    Making jewelry is really therapeutic and you have something new free and design is by myself:D

  7. I love Kate Winslet's dress, she looks so amazing in it

    Enter my giveaway to win a beret for spring!

  8. I love audrey!!!

  9. saoirse ronan looks smashing! i hated her so much in atonement, but she's done a good job not to let that role pin down her character or type cast her. i think she's definitely someone to watch for!

  10. saoirse ronan looks smashing! i hated her so much in atonement, but she's done a good job not to let that role pin down her character or type cast her. i think she's definitely someone to watch for!

  11. Oh lordy you have NO idea how much this post entertained me. You're hilarious. I shouldn't have been drinking my latte while reading it because I almost choked like four times. Lol.

    I agree with your reviews of the gowns. My favorite? Audrey, of course. She's a doll!

    Love this post!

  12. wowowowowwow when did ginny get so grown up???

  13. I love looking at runway looks! Thanks for filling me in on the latest!



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