Tuesday, February 09, 2010

it's bananas, everyone in hollywood is at the same place! free botox?

or it could just be the valentine's day premiere, for serious, who isn't in this movie!? i want to watch it and i am totally not ashamed,...okay, so i'm kinda ashamed, but it looks funny in a love, actually sort of way, plus my favorite jen garner is in it! i'm sold! 
three of my favorite people looking seriously fabulous!!! jen and anne are my favorites and jessica biel is pretty close behind in oscar de la renta. i love the white/red/pink, it's very cha cha, she gets points off for the hem, which is crazy bad, i can't find a picture to post, trust me. she's redeemed by the hair and makeup, both are flawless, good work ms. timberlake. do you think they planned this look? because they look perfectly mismatched. love it. 
aww, how sweet? happy family reunion. julia looking classy and simple, ehm and slightly boring in dior and emma looking stunning and glitzy in jenny packham, ehm and a bit older than necessary. But the white and black thing is super cute. my lord i wish julia roberts was my aunt...don't get me wrong i have greaaaaat family, but man i could have been NANCY DREW!!!! best movie ever. 
another family photo op. demi moore looked amazing in her white chanel. she seriously has found the fountain of botox...i mean youth! how does she do it?! I call complete bollocks on "it's all natural"! fess up! what's the balance!? teach nicole kidman how to plump up and look human! any who, ashton kutcher looked super cute, i love the colorful tie tucked into the sweater...very j.timberlake. rumer willis is always so freaking rock star, the sheer top is very va-va voom and her date looks nice too...
my two favorite looks and i bet they were both styled by rachel zoe...i just put that together, totally!! i thought my girl jennifer garner looked amazing! her valentino dress is so rocker pretty. The loose hair and fresh makeup, kept it pretty. I just love the mixture in patterns, fabrics, and embellishments. her body is just fierce. the shoes are a bit boring, but they are appropriate for jen. she's wearing red nail polish...i don't think i have ever noticed her in a nail color...random. and yay, anne hathaway, my doppelganger, i want to play her sister in a movie sooooo bad. this marchesa is beautiful! the color is amazing on her fair skin and again, the mixture of fabrics, feathers, and so much pretty! and i loooove her shoes...the satin and the funny platform make it more fun than garner's. 
i'm a bit unsure of this look on jessica alba...it seems a bit much...the dress is proenza schouler and is crazy cute. i'm also totally digging the bracelets and as always her makeup is beautiful. but she is gonna fail because of those terrible matchy-matchy shoes and that hair?! it looks like she got caught in a rain storm...is it still wet? too much gel? i don't know, but whatever it is it's not working for me. better luck next time. 


  1. Jennifer Garner looks so amazing in that dress! Jeez, can she get any more fabulous?
    And I very much agree with you on Jessica Alba, she looks like a mess here.

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  3. I thought Jen, Anne, and Jessica B. looked so amazing together! And yes, I like to believe that they discussed what they were going to wear so they would look amazing together. I wish I could be friends with them. lol!

  4. I love Jess dress is so beautiful feminine and makes her waist more tight!!


  5. Rumer looks rock star? Lauren! She just rubs me the wrong way, her hair always looks stupid and like she did it herself..in a bad way. Her mom is Demi Moore for goodness sakes, I don't know where Rumer went so wrong..

    Jen Garner..bangin as always! Nothing more to be said. But, I was actually a little let down by Anne in this get-up. I think I love the dress, but I think I would like her hair done differently, it's lacking.

    And Jessica Alba must have gotten into a fight with her hairdresser when she was getting her haircut recently. It's terrible. And for some reason, I am enjoying the matchy matchy shoe/dress combo, especially with her skin.



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