Monday, February 15, 2010

sophia bush rocks fashion week.

sophia bush is all over the damn place! now don't get me wrong, the hubby and i both have little crushes on her, but it surprises me that she is invited to the front row for so many shows. good for her, she is brooke davis after all. i can't wait to be super important and get paid to go to a fashion show. i think she looks amazing! She apparently was taking to changing behind curtains in the tents to get into her next designer look. i am absolutely in love with her rebecca taylor look the mixture of patterns is just heavenly! she just looks fresh and hip in all of her outfits, which i think many younger celebrities try to pull off and just can't seem to manage. i also want to know what skin care she uses because her skin is flawless!!! 
at alice + olivia
at rebecca taylor
at dvf
at max azria for herve leger 

*side note, can you believe how much they pay celebrities just to show up places? doesn't that kind of make you feel like a pawn in world's marketing scheme...oooh i want a pretty designer dress because so and so wore it...wait, they got paid to wear that dress and had it styled just so...i would like to think that we are all individual enough to not be persuaded by the latest celeb fad, but how can you help it when you see your favorite celebrity wearing the most beautiful pair of shoes or carrying the most amazing purse. and on top of all of that, it seems wrong that the group of people that are actually able to spend thousands of dollars on clothes and accessories are just handed their pick...jerks. c'est la vie, when i'm all famous and whatnot, i will take whatever i can get ;)


  1. i really really love her style! i feel the same way about celebrities...


  2. she's so cute

    thanks for the comment!

  3. She is so beautiful and her sense of fashion is really cool!
    Great post!

  4. I love her so much!

    Great look picks! :)

  5. Sophia Bush looks gorgeous, love the third and second outfit x



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